Carpe Diem!

Park and Recreation Month, Puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz

If you subscribe to The New York Times on-line Premium Crosswords, you are probably familiar with the monthly bonus puzzle. For the month of July, the title of this midsummer crossword is “Park and Recreation Month” featuring nearly 30 clues with the word “park“.

Across: 1. Kit Carson Memorial State Park site, TAOS; 8. EURO-Disney (French park); 12. Menlo Park middle name, ALVA; 15. Airplane parking area, APRON; 16. Ballpark section, TIER; 18. SANTA Anita Park (California racetrack); 20. Minute Maid Park team, ASTROS; 29. BATTERY Park (southern tip of Manhattan) ; 33. SKEE-Ball (amusement park game); 35. Laura of “Jurassic Park”, DERN; 37. Hyde Park baby buggy, PRAM; 39. “Saturday in the Park” band, CHICAGO; 48. Centennial Olympic Park city, ATLANTA; 52. JFK ballpark fig., ETA; 60. Menlo Park surname, EDISON; 62. “Central Park in the Dark” composer Charles IVES; 64. Building addition to Monopoly’s Park Place, HOTEL; 67. Building block company with its own theme parks, LEGO; 70. “South Park” kid ERIC Cartman; 71. “In the ballpark” phrase, OR SO.

Down: 4. Food giant that owns the Ball Park hot dog brand, SARA LEE; 5. Alaska’s DENALI National Park; 7. Sled dog memorialized in a Central Park statue, BALTO; 30. Presque Isle State Park’s lake, ERIE; 33. Parking meter feature, SLOT; 34. “KILL the ump!” (ballpark cry); 38. Ballpark stat, ERA; 44. Actress LAR Park Lincoln of “Knots Landing”; 47. TRAILER park (place for mobile homes); 50. Protector of a state or national park, RANGER; 52. ESTES Park, Colo.

It’s summertime — carpe diem!


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