07.03.10 — 'Tis So Appalling…

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Puzzle by Joe Krozel, edited by Will Shortz

Two 16-letter and four 15-letter entries are the main feature of this strangely unsettling Saturday crossword:

IN ALL PROBABILITY (18A. Most likely)
UNIVERSAL STUDIOS (47A. “Dracula” and “Frankenstein” producer)
PENALTY DECLINED (2D. Opposing team’s turndown)
PLANT IN ONE’S MIND (3D. Suggest subliminally, perhaps)
SWIMSUIT EDITION (13D. Revealing issue)

Other — APPLESEED (35A. Sowing pioneer), APPOINTS (1A. Puts in a seat), APRES SKI (33D. Social time at the lodge), AS I SAID (1D. “Again …“), CAESURA (34D. Bard’s break), DESISTS and DISSENTS (37D. Cuts it out; 53A. Some opinions), DRY ROTS (15D. Some building weakeners), DYNAMITES (29A. Levels with sticks?), EKING OUT (51A. Struggling to get), PANELED (36D. Like some station wagons), SELLS OUT (16A. Fills all the seats for), STOOLIE (8D. Sting participant), TURN ONTO (7D. Make like).

Mid-size — ADDRESS, ALIOTH (33A. Big Dipper star), ARLISS, CENTRE, CLAROS, COASTS, DO SI DO (32A. What goes around at a hoedown?), ERNIES, HOLY WAR (17A. Faith-based initiative?), MOANER (42A. Bellyacher), NEALES, NOISES (21A. Poltergeist output), PHASES, POLLED, PRESSED, RENAULT (50A. Clio maker).

Five-letter — ACERS, ALALA (35D. Brown-tinged Hawaiian crow), ALL OR nothing, ARLOS, ASTRA (30D. Senate stars?), BILES, CRIES, CRUET, DODGE, EMIRS, GOTTI, MERLS (42D. Blackbirds), OLLAS, PRIDE, ROBED, SANAA (20A. Capital 7,200 feet above sea level).

Short stuff — ALTS, ASNO, DAE, DIRS (Universal Studios personnel), ELIS, ELSA, GUNS, ISLA, “Is IT I?”, MOR, NEUE, NOP, SIM (44A. Screened city dweller?), SYL (12D. One of four in Mississippi: Abbr.), 49-Down - “TIS so appalling - it exhilarates”: Dickinson.


'Tis so appalling — it exhilarates
by Emily Dickinson

'Tis so appalling -- it exhilarates —
So over Horror, it half Captivates —
The Soul stares after it, secure —
A Sepulchre, fears frost, no more —

To scan a Ghost, is faint —
But grappling, conquers it —
How easy, Torment, now —
Suspense kept sawing so —

The Truth, is Bald, and Cold —
But that will hold —
If any are not sure —
We show them —  prayer —
But we, who know,
Stop hoping, now —

Looking at Death, is Dying —
Just let go the Breath —
And not the pillow at your Cheek
So Slumbereth —

Others, Can wrestle —
Yours, is done --
And so of Woe, bleak dreaded —  come,
It sets the Fright at liberty —
And Terror's free —
Gay, Ghastly, Holiday!


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 9. Like vinyl records; 22. It’s south of Sp.; 23. Tree line stats.; 24. Sought the opinions of, in a way; 25. ___ other (matchlessly); 27. Keebler’s head elf and others; 28. Dressing holder; 31. Sitcom sports agent Michaels; 34. Bath hub?; 38. Court whizzes; 39. Some smokes; 40. Peace Nobelist Kim ___ Jung; 41. Italian novelist Morante; 45. Tennis’s Fraser and others; 46. High-profile defendant of 1992, 50. Clio maker, 52. What MapQuest requests. DOWN: 4. Cantina cookware; 5. Gran Bretana, e.g.; 6. Start of the second half?; 9. First and last quarters, e.g.; 10. Like many judges; 11. Participants in the annual Safety Dance; 19. They were black and yellow in old medicine; 24. Tough thing to swallow; 25. Jimmy Johnson title comics character and others; 28. “Help!” and such; 39. Doesn’t work hard; 43. Skirt; 45. ___ Zurcher Zeitung (leading Swiss daily); 46. Magazine contents; 48. Dictionary abbr.

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