07.05.10 — Body Parts

Monday, July 5, 2010

Puzzle by Jill Denny and Jeff Chen, edited by Will Shortz

A HEAD, A FOOT, A BREAST and A BACK are all A PART of some creature’s anatomy in this disparate Monday crossword in the guise of phrasal fragments within FULL SPEED AHEAD (20A. “Go!”), THE GAME IS AFOOT (56A. Sherlock Holmes phrase, when on a case), TAKEN ABACK (10D. Surprised and flustered) and TWO ABREAST (26D. Going in side-by-side pairs), tied together with APART (38A. Separate … or a hint, etc.).

Other — CLAMOR (50D. Hullabaloo), DEMISE (48D. Death), DYNAMIC (27A. Vigorous), ENAMEL (47D. Tooth cover), GARBLED (46A. Messed up, as a message), ODESSA (5D. Black Sea port), RIP TIDES (39D. Dangerous ocean currents), SNEAKY and SORDID (9D. Underhanded, 8D. Vile), TIME WARP (6D. Dance in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”).

Five-letter — AGILE, ALIAS (42A. Billy the Kid, for Henry McCarty), CHAFF, Terra COTTA, CREDO, EBONY, EMILE, HOMES, MATZO ball soup, OOZED, OTTER, PADUA, READY, ROGUE, STORY, TREES.

Short stuff — ALOE, ATRA, COEN, COS, CYAN, DELL, EARS, ELMS, EMIR, ERIE, ESME, FATE, FEE, FLAG, FLEW, FOOD, HONE and HORN, IKON, INRE, IRON, KNOX, LAM, LESS (67A. More‘s opposite), LILA, LIMO, MILD, MIR and MIRE, MOTO, PECK, RUNE, SAW, SLUG, TADA, TEL, TESS and TEX, THAI, TINT, TUFT, ULNA (11D. Bone that parallels the radius), URL, WET, WHOA (60A. Horse‘s halter?).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Doctrine; 6. “___ of the D’Urbervilles”; 10. Bit of hair standing up; 14. Targeted, with “in on”; 15. Fe, on the periodic table; 16. Burn soother; 17. Nimble; 18. Entangle; 19. Fort ___ (gold repository); 23. Doctor’s charge; 24. Glimpsed; 25. Big name in copiers; 26. “Look how perfectly I performed!”; 31. Aviated; 34. Web address, for short; 36. Wood for black piano keys, once; 37. V.I.P.’s transport; 38. Separate … or a hint to this puzzle’s them); 41. Razor brand; 44. Bygone Russian space station; 45. “Fargo” director; 49. Eat like a bird; 51. Anglo-Saxon writing symbol; 52. No. starting with an area code; 53. Firms: Abbr.; 61. Temperate; 63. Big rabbit features; 64. Salinger heroine; 65. Animal that plays along streams; 66. Shade of color; 68. All set. DOWN: 1. Grain husks; 2. Scalawag; 3. Author Zola; 4. Farmer’s place, in a children’s ditty; 7. Cleveland’s lake; 12. Groceries; 13. Moniker for a Lone Star cowboy; 21. Italian city where “The Taming of the Shrew” is set; 22. Sharpen, as a knife; 28. Mr. ___, John P. Marquand detective; 29. About, on a memo; 30. Greenish blue; 31. Old Glory, for one; 32. Reader’s Digest co-founder Wallace; 33. Arab ruler; 35. Take it on the ___ (flee); 40. Oak and teak; 43. Hit hard, as a baseball; 53. Terra ___ (tile material); 54. Seeped; 55. Tale; 56. Southeast Asian cuisine; 57. Tooter; 58. Classic street liners; 59. Destiny; 60. Drenched.

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