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The Young Cicero Reading — a 1464 fresco the Wallace Collection


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Puzzle by Peter A. Collins, edited by Will Shortz

MIDDLE SCHOOL (3D. With 44-Down, educational stage … or a hint to the contents of 18-, 22-, 47- and 53-Across) and schools found in middle of SAND RAKES (18A. Golf groundskeepers’ tools), MILE HIGH STADIUM (22A. Broncos home, once), CENTER ICE CIRCLE (47A. Place for an N.H.L. logo) and STAY ALERT (53A. “Keep your eyes open!”), e.g., DRAKE, LEHIGH, RICE and YALE, comprise the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword.

Other — ALONZO, ATEAMS, CISTERNS (21A. Reservoirs), DOMINICA (51A. Roseau is its capital), DONNIE, HARRAH, NOMINEES (36D. Some contenders), QUANDARY (35D. Bind), RAW / BAR (6A. With 55-Down where to get oysters), REMADE, RESIGN, TEPEES, WENT SOUR (8D. Fell apart, as a deal), VECTOR (43D. Airplane heading), YUKS IT UP (11D. Has some laughs).

Five — ADMIT, ADOZE, AIRED, ALULA, APRIL, AWASH, BOONE, CIRCE (49D. Sorceress on the island of Aeaea), CLYDE, DETOX, ENDOR (17A. Enchanted world in “Return of the Jedi”), HOYAS, I LOSE, HOYAS, OLAND, RELOS, RIO DE Oro, TAPES, TOILE, TOQUE, TOYED.

Short stuff — ABUT, ALE, ANDS, AOL, CINQ, ECO, EWE, HIDE, IHOP, INN, JUGS, JAX and LAX and LUX, Mauna LOA and LOL, LOCA, MISS, NOR, OBOE, OOH, PDQ, PUT, RPM, SAC and SAS and SAT, SEE and SER and TER, TALC, TAXI, TIL, TRI, URGE, VOX (43A. It came out of Cicero’s mouth).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Take it; 9. Big East team; 14. Decorative fabric; 15. Milk source; 16. “Be-Bop-___”; 20. Added conditions; 26. “What did I tell you?”; 27. Stopover; 28. “Nice!”; 29. Prefix with -nominal; 30. [Snap snap]; 31. Unilever soap brand; 32. Rural musical instruments; 33. Chef’s hat; 36. Here/there separator; 37. “The Basement ___” (1975 Dylan album); 38. Rest on; 39. Internet giant; 40. Flying Tiger Line hub, for short; 42. Tach measure; 44. Rested; 52. Blue-roofed chain; 55. Battle of Blue Licks fighter, 1782; 58. Showed; 57. “Baudolino”: novelist; 58. Napping; 59. River through Glasgow; 60. To be, in Baja; 61. Moves, briefly. DOWN: 1. Starting groups; 2. ___ Wash, N.B.A. executive; 4. “The pot’s all yours”; 5. Dutch painter Gerard ___ Borch; 6. Bow out; 7. Inundated; 9. Casino chain founder William F. ___; 10. Chan portrayer in film; 12. Bath suds?; 13. Carrier that had a pioneering transpolar route; 19. Get clean; 21. Quitting time in Quebec, maybe; 23. Cow cover; 24. Press; 25. Whiff; 30. Worded; 31. Titter in a tweet; 32. N.F.L. team with teal jerseys, for short; 33. Rash treatment; 34. High-pitched wind; 37. Shout made with a raised arm; 39. Fourth of 12; 40. “Mi Vida ___,” gritting 1994 drama set in L.A.; 42. Like “King Kong” and “Psycho”; 45. Hoopster Mourning; 46. Plain homes?; 48. Flirted (with); 53. Kind of fly, for short; 54. Up to, quickly.

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