07.13.10 — The Inside Word

Satan Contemplates the Serpent by Gustave Dore


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Puzzle by Peter A. Collins, edited by Will Shortz

This Tuesday crossword features single words found sequentially within multiple-word phrases of opposite meaning:

EVERY BIT AN ANGEL (17. Nice through and through … or not), EVIL;
HAS THE HOTS FOR (27A. Really digs … or not), HATES;
ABSOLUTE WORST (48A. Most wretched ... Or not), BEST;
TELLS IT LIKE IT IS (63A. Speaks with brutal honesty … or not), LIES.

Other — ADAM and EVE (42A. 33-Across’s partner; 33A. Woman who raised Cain), ARNESS, NIGHT RIDER (11D. Certain vigilante), OBRIEN, OREIDA, SEEK ASYLUM (29D. Defect), PERMIT, SIN TAX (25A. Levy on cigarettes and booze), VASSAR.

Five-letter — ALERO, ALIFT, ANERA and ARENA, ASKUP, ASSAY, DEUCE, ERIES, HOTEL, LAPEL and LATER, OTARU (31. Japanese seaport), PSATS, STABS, SWEDE, TELEX, TERPS, TOBIT (32A. Book of the Apocrypha), TRIPE, TWOTO, VETCH (51A. Climbing legume).

Short stuff — ALB, AVES, CRUE, DEB, EINE, ELI and ELY, EMIT, ESTA, ETAT and ETTA, GEN, GNAT (10A. Annoyance at a barbecue), HERA, HOME, HRE, ICY, ITEM, LEE, NEAP, NOLA and NORA and NOVA, OTTO, PALS and PLUS, RAIL, RTES, REED and SEED, “The Bicycle Thief” director Vittorio De SICA, SNIP, STEM, TOTE, VIAL, YEWS.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Tiny scissor cut; 5. Sphere; 14. Lug; 15. “I’m outta here!”; 16. Aachen article; 20. Mother, in Milan; 21. Pin’s place; 22. Charlemagne’s dominion: Abbr.; 23. Like some stares; 34. 58 minutes past the hour; 35. Hogwash; 38. Portland, Ore., college from which Steve Jobs dropped out; 40. Uses a dagger; 43. Invite to the penthouse, say; 45. Some Iroquois; 47. 2008 Super Bowl M.V.P. Manning; 51. One of academia’s Seven Sisters; 53. Many a 16-year-old Southern belle; 54. Bridge expert Culbertson; 55. Maryland athletes, for short; 59. Shepherded, in a way; 66. Rock’s Mötley ___; 67. Club that doesn’t beat much; 68. “L’___ c’est moi”: Louis XIV; 69. Terse order to a chauffeur; 70. Evaluate; 71. Title girl in a 1922 hit. DOWN: 1. Flower stalk; 2. Exploding star; 3. Couple on a gossip page; 4. Learner’s ___; 6. Train transportation; 7. Singer James; 8. Kind of tide; 9. “Gunsmoke” star James; 10. ___-Xer; 12. End of ___; 13. Bygone communication; 18. America’s Cup entry; 19. “Can I give you ___?”; 24. Some evergreens; 26. Writer Ephron; 27. Juno’s counterpart; 28. Connecticut and Virginia, in Monopoly: Abbr.; 30. Monopoly purchase; 36. Buddies; 37. Give off; 39. Nicknames; 41. Bit of watermelon waste; 44. 11th-grade exams, for short; 46. Ingemar Johansson or Ingrid Bergman; 49. Tater Tots maker; 50. Funnyman Conan; 52. Old Oldsmobile; 58. Itinerary parts: Abbr.; 57. Bonus; 60. Bus driver on “The Simpsons”; 61. Lab container; 62. “Cómo ___?”; 64. Stan who co-created Spider-Man; 65. Lock opener.

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