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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Puzzle by Mike Torch, edited by Will Shortz

The whole ENCHILADA, The whole SHEBANG, The whole SHOOTING MATCH, The whole SCHMEAR and The whole NINE YARDS comprises the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword.

“Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” — Albert Einstein

Six-letter — ANTONY (44A. Lover in a Shakespeare title); ANYWAY (41D. Nonetheless); CLOSER (9D. Ninth-inning hurler, often); CYCLES (3D. Presoak, wash and rinse); I DUNNO (18D. “Beats me!”); NESTLE (45D. Get cozy); ODESSA (50D. “The Battleship Potemkin” port); ORATOR (34A. William Jennings Bryan, for one)PONIES (2D. Track bettors play them); RED DOT (49D. Mark of a rifle’s laser sight); SHEAVE (1D. Bundle, as wheat); SNAP TO (35A. Regain consciousness suddenly), SPORES (48D. Future ferns); SWIPED (53A. Ran through, as a credit card); TALONS (43A. Raptor’s grippers); VEEDUB (23A. Autodom’s Beetle is one, slangily), what?

Five — AAHED, AILED, ANODE, BARTS, CLUES (9A. This puzzle has 78), ETNAS, GETAT, INANE, LENTO (16A. Slowly, on a score), ODIST (19A. Pindar, notably), OPALS, PRELL, RENTS, SNAPE, SODOM (35D. Biblical sin city), SPEWS, WELTS (21A. Mementos of a caning).

Short stuff — ALP, ATIC, BOAT and DAS Boot”, DYAD, EOS (64D. Aurora‘s counterpart), ERN, ESS and ETS, ESTA, GPS, GRE, “ Hell HATH no fury …”, HOYA, IHOP, LED, LODE, MOCS, NEOS and NOSE and NOSH, OGLE, OIL, OSLO, RISE, SECY, SETS, SHAW, SNIT and SPIT, SOT (13D. Sighter of pink elephants), SPCA, SRO, SYNC, TEA Party movement, THO, TRIO, UNI, WIRE, YAP (48D. Talk, talk, talk).


“I was reading the dictionary. I thought it was a poem about everything.” — Steven Wright

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Pet welfare org.; 5. Nobel Peace Prize city; 14. Georgetown athlete; 15. Stack-serving chain, for short; 16. Slowly, on a score; 20. Had a bug; 30. Double curve; 31. Nail-biting margin of victory; 35. Regain consciousness suddenly; 37. React to a crowing rooster, say; 42. Twosome; 47. Cabinet position: Abbr.; 489. B’way success sign; 55. Expels forcefully; 58. Battery terminal; 59. Subtly suggest; 65. Shampoo brand; 66. Rock music’s Rush, for one; 67. Revivalists, informally; 68. Potter’s potions professor; 69. What the sun does at dusk; 70. This, in Toledo. DOWN; 4. Sounded content; 5. Salad bar bowlful; 6. Clarinetist Artie; 7. Prospector’s strike; 8. Gems from Australia; 10. Took charge; 11. Prefix with -form; 12. U.F.O. crew; 22. Even if, briefly; 24. Vehicle on a trailer, perhaps; 26. St. ___ (Caribbean hot spot); 27. Suffix with problem; 28. Munch on chips, say; 29. College sr.’s test; 32. Rotisserie rod; 33. Lab burners of old; 36. Gawk at; 38. Align; 40. Around-the-house footwear, for short; 52. Most Monopoly income; 54. Totally absurd; 56. Electrician’s hookup; 57. Foul mood; 59. Modern navigation tool, for short; 60. Directional suffix; 62. Tour de France peak.

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