07.16.10 — Spelunking


Friday, July 16, 2010

Puzzle by Mel Rosen, edited by Will Shortz

Darkness rules in this tough end-of-the-week spelunker-special Friday crossword with both fact, EARTH SCIENCE (20A. Meteorology, e.g.) and fantasy, WOOKIEEPEDIA (54A. Online reference for all things “Star Wars”), the unabbreviated ABBREVIATED (3D. Short-term?) with MILLIONTHS (18A. Very small parts), and a bit of buzz in both HONEY BADGER (24D. Guinness’s “most fearless animal”) and RUMOR MILLS (56A. Buzz sources).

Other — A cricket ball is disguised in the clue for CRICKETER (6D. One involved in bowling balls); more straight-forward are the clues for FOREWORD (36D. Its page numbers are often Roman numerals); LEG RESTS (38D. Airplane seat features), never found one and the arm rests are always taken!; basin?, river?, valley?, no… NILE DELTA (33D. Alexandria is in it); the bowling ball bowling of NINEPINS (10D. Skittles) and the fore of the small ball, SAM SNEAD (5D. “Golf Begins at Forty“ writer).

Seven-word — The etymologically confusing DRAYAGE (51A. Carting fee), the seldom-used MINORED (41D. Studied some, with “in”), mice and ice with RODENTS (49A. Snake intake) and SNO-CONE (9D. Icy treat), dark doings with SPELUNK (22A. Go caving) and STOP HIM (23A. Cry from a stuck-up person?), if you‘re not shot dead!

Six — An exotically-named pair, AYESHA (48D. H. Rider Haggard heroine) and EGERIA (45A. Female adviser), sweet and sour, NESTLE (4D. Oh Henry! Maker), ONIONY (29A. Like some hush puppies), a clumsy word, REGRAB (47A. Seize again), and a nimble dancer, VEREEN (27A. Chicken George player in “Roots”).

Five — AMORE (60A. Subject for un poeta), BONGO, CHEAP, DANDD (63A. Game with half-elves, informally), DEVIL (37A. Bad lover?), EASED, ENNIS, ENTOM, FLEER (30D. Old Dubble Bubble maker), GITMO, INIGO, LATEN, MYLES, MY SON (26D. Last words of Kipling‘s “If“), NEVER, NIPAT, RELET, SKIMS, SNARE, SORES…

Short stuff — APT, AROD, ARTY, ATLI (7D. Husband of Gudrun), ATOM (46D. Small matter), ETS, FBI, HEME, HURL, ILIE, INTO, LOAF, MITT, MON, OHBE, RAD and ROD, SCAM and SCAN, REBS, SEAS, SEGO, SGTS, TRAP, UMA, “Lo! in YON brilliant window-niche …”: Poe.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Counter act; 5. One reported to the Better Business Bureau; 9. Woe for the unwary; 14. “___ quiet!”; 15. Like many indies; 16. Attack, as a young boxer might; 17. One side in the Battle of Cold Harbor; 30. “Donnie Brasco” grp.; 32. Near midnight, say; 34. “Brokeback Mountain” role; 35. Eschew exertion; 39. Bearer of trumpet-shaped flowers; 40. Branch of zool.; 42. Find another tenant for; 59. Some police officers: Abbr.; 61. Baker’s accessory; 62. Myoglobin component; 65. 10-time Silver Slugger Award winner, familiarly. DOWN: 1. Dermatology topics; 2. Not built to last; 8. Lee ___ (transmission repair chain); 11. Easily taught; 12. Bit of motivational speech; 13. Some “Space Patrol” characters, for short; 19. Hooked on; 21. Pitch; 25. Society of Jesus founder ___ Lopez de Loyola; 28. Alternative for now; 31. It’s played with sticks; 43. Corner; 50. Hardly pores over; 52. U.S. facility in Cuba, for short; 53. Made smooth; 55. First name in 1970s tennis; 56. Gnarly; 57. Janeane’s co-star in “The Truth About Cats & Dogs”; 58. Back-to-sch. Time.

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