07.06.10 — iEye

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Puzzle by José Chardiet, edited by Will Shortz

EYE (64D. Storm center … or, phonetically, letter that can precede the ends of the answers to the five starred clues to spell popular devices), along with MAC, TUNES, POD, PHONE and PAD found in the entries of BERNIE MAC (20A. *”Ocean’s Eleven” actor), FINE-TUNES (25A. *Tweaks), ESCAPE POD (37A. *Small sci-fi vehicle), SHOE PHONE (52A. *”Get Smart” device) and LAUNCH PAD (58A. *Blastoff spot) are the interrelated group of this holoalphabetic Tuesday crossword.

Other — ATE DIRT and CLEANSE (45D. Groveled; 11D. Purify), DREAM ON (44D. “Yeah, like that’ll ever happen”), ESTEEMED and EXECUTED (37D. Well-regarded; 10D. Performed, as one’s duties), LOW BLOW (2D. Uncalled-for insult, say), OATMEAL (12D. Quaker breakfast offering), OOH LA LA (41D. “So beauuutiful!”), SPOILER (42D. Unwanted plot giveaway), THE EDGE (3D. U2 guitarist).

Six- and five-letter — ALPACA (51D. Fleecy fiber), AS AM I (7D. “Same here”), DÉCOR, EATS AT, ENTER, EX-LAX (16A. Going brand?), GLEEM (56A. Toothpaste with “green sparkles“), LOGS ON, MEETS, NUEVO, OATES (53D. Hall’s musical partner), OLDIE (24A. Any Beatles song, now), OSIRIS (4D. Brother and husband of Isis), PALMS, POSSE, QUARTO, REELS, ROMAN (8D. Director Polanski), SLEEK, TARDY, THIEF, TOP TEN (47A. Culmination of a Casey Kasem countdown).

Short stuff — ADZ, ALTO, AMIE, ANTE, APU, CAM, CEE, 50 CENT (“Candy Shop” rapper), CORY, DAM and DEM, DOHS, HAJ, JUDD, EVEN, EWE, LIAM, LIE, MOM, NEO (21D. Keanu Reeves‘s role in “The Matrix“), NHL, NSC, OHSO, OLE, QED and PDQ, PST and PTS, RXS, SEEP, SHAQ, SKY, SOLI, SORT (69A. Organize alphabetically, say), STAR, STS, TARO, TETE (62A. Head of Québec), UGH (50D. “That‘s awful!”), ZWEI.

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"Apple presents the iRack" from Mad TV on YouTube, HERE.

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Remaining clues — DOWN: 1. Voice above tenor; 5. Cross: Christianity :: ___ : Judaism; 9. Interior design; 14. Cries from Homer Simpson; 15. Very very; 17. Number between eins and drei; 18. Neeson of “Clash of the Titans”; 19. Track-and-field events; 23. Follower of spy or web; 28. Enters Facebook, maybe; 30. Annoys incessantly; 31. Female flock member; 32. N.B.A. nickname; 36. Film units; 40. Rapper’s crew; 43. Director Apatow; 44. Obstruction for salmon; 49. Book size; 57. Falsity; 60. Uses sleight of hand on; 63. French girlfriend; 65. Aerodynamic; 66. Tied, as a score; 67. “Boy Meets World” boy; 68. Late; 70. Chips in the pot. DOWN: 1. Carpenter’s curved cutter; 5. Arias, usually; 6. Robin Hood or Jesse James; 9. Obama, e.g.: Abbr.; 13. Prescriptions, for short; 22. Middling grade; 24. Chilean cheer, 26. Poi source; 27. Aves.; 29. Foreign policy grp.; 33. Pilgrimage to Mecca; 34. Kwik-E-Mart clerk; 35. Proof ending; 38. Fall through the cracks?; 39. A.S.A.P.; 40. A TD is worth six: Abbr.; 46. Blondie, to Alexander and Cookie; 48. Rangers’ org.; 50. “That’s awful”; 54. ___ Laredo, Mexico; 55. Go in; 60. Winter clock setting in Nev.; 61. Heavens.

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Nickname unavailable said...

The clue for 9-across was incorrect. If the answer is "DECOR," then the clue cannot be "Interior Design." Anyone who has spent four years in college earning a degree in Interior Design knows that Interior Design entails "designing" interior spaces. This may include specifying certain desks, chairs and work surfaces, but to say that Interior Design simply entails "decor" is dead wrong. Anyone can call themselves an "Interior Decorator" without so much as a high school diploma.