07.04.10 — Making Ends Meet

Sunday, July 4, 2010 — Independence Day

MAKING ENDS MEET, Puzzle by Patrick Blindauer and Tony Orbach, edited by Will Shortz

The title of this ingenious Sunday crossword refers to the overlapping of  two letters of tword phrases in nine interrelated across entries:

COMPUTERROR (23. Technical trouble)
ENGLISHEEPDOG (32. Helper in herding)
LIMITEDITION (42. Collectible book)
PRIMERIDIAN (57. Line in London)
CASENSITIVE (66. Like many an online password)
SCIENCENTER (76. It might have a theater and planetarium)
PLACIDOMINGO (87. Singer who played Cyrano in “Cyrano de Bergerac”)
PERSONALITYPE (100. Introvert or extrovert)
GUARDIANGEL (111. Protector)

Other across — 1. Routine responses?, HAHAS; 6. 1961 Charlton Heston/Sophia Loren film, EL CID; 19. Words of certainty, I MUST; 20. Unit of energy, JOULE, 27. Puts together, DEDUCES; 30. Actor/comic Brad GARRETT; 40. Not straight up, ATILT; 41. Sideshow features, FREAKS; 45. Block legally, ESTOP; 50. Big name in trading cards, TOPPS; 60. Symbol of a boring routine, TREADMILL; 73. Small carriage, ONE-SEATER; 81. Show expanded to four hours in 2007, TODAY; 86. Bars, SHUTS; 93. Caesar, e.g., ORATOR; 96. When daylight saving begins: Abbr., TWO AM; 103. Grenache, for one, VIN ROSE; 107. Off, TAINTED; 117. Offer one’s thoughts, OPINE; 118. “Somewhere in Time” actor, REEVE; 121. In a stack, PILED; 122. Approvals, YESES.

Down — 3. Prosaic, HUMDRUM; 4. On the say-so of, AS PER; 5. Gift from the well-endowed, STUDENT AID; 6. Bounced, EJECTED; 8. What a mummy might have, CURSE; 11. “Bam!” man in the kitchen, EMERIL; 12. Petered out, LOST STEAM; 13. Very successful, SMASH; 15. Way out in space, ESCAPE POD; 16. Football Hall-of-Famer George BLANDA; 17. Composer of “The Miraculous Mandarin”, BARTOK; 18. Parsley parts, SPRIGS; 24. Some pupils, TUTEES; 38. Hot, EROTIC; 39. Play featuring Mrs. Malaprop, with “The” RIVALS; 44. Demoiselle’s dressing, TOILETTE; 46. Sudden turns, SWERVES; 49. Not just noteworthy, HISTORIC, 51. Embroidery loops, PICOTS; 52. What a forklift may lift, PALLET; 53. Disapproving look, SNEER; 54. Depp title role, BRASCO; 55. Famous 12-book story, AENEID; 56. Brooklynese, e.g., DIALECT; 57. Wannabe, POSER; 60. Word in many bank names, TRUST; 68. For nothing, IN VAIN; 71. “Moving on then…”, ANYHOO; 74. Simple, ELEMENTARY; 77. Resident of New York’s Murray Hill, e.g., EASTSIDER; 78. Batch that’s hatched, NESTLINGS; 84. Relative of fusilli, ROTINI; 89. Made fractions … or factions, DIVIDED; 90. Pests, NOODGES; 93. Sonatas and such, OPUSES; 94. University V.I.P., REGENT; 95. Dahl of “A Southern Yankee,” 1948, ARLENE; 97. Most outspread, WIDEST; 101. True, ALIGN; 102. Brick-and-mortar alternative, E-TAIL; 104. Dancer Jeanmaire, RENEE, better known as ZIZI.

Short stuff — AMI and AMO, ANTI, ARNE, AUDI, AXL (71A. Rose who rose to fame in the 1980s), BALI, CARR, CEE and CLE, DAI, DER, EAU, EBBS, EFT, EGGS (116A. Future platypi), ELSE, EMU, ENNE, ESAU, EVE (113D. 1950 Anne Baxter title role), GEL, GOP (111D. Herd of elephants?), GTO, GUS, HAW, HIC, ILO, INST, ISLA, LAY and LEI, LES, LIDS, LINE (110A. “Come here often?”, e.g.), LORE, “Love surfeits not, LUST like a glutton dies“: Shak., MCXC, MOMA, NEER, NIE, NITE, OLE and OLIN, OPS, PRE. ORTS, OUR, POTS, RAN, REC and RED, RPI, RVS. SAS, SEED, SLAP, STER, TIE, UGLI, UPI, URN, USE, VAMP (83D. Seductress), VIA and VOL.



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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 11. “Who ___?”; 15. Goes back; 21. Sculpture garden setting in N.Y.C.; 22. Response to freshness?; 25. Uncle of Levi; 26. Author John Dickson ___; 28. Items at one’s disposal?; 28. Prefix with thesis; 37. Bird with meat high in protein; 38. Not e’en once; 47. Carrier in the Star Alliance; 48. Cassette knob abbr.; 49. Yokel’s laugh; 54. Indonesian vacation spot; 56. Bao ___ (former Vietnamese emperor); 62. Special ___; 63. Cassette button abbr.; 64. Key: Fr.; 65. Split; 69. World Cup cry; 70. Service; 72. 50-50, e.g.; 79. Campers, for short; 82. Chess opening?; 83. Itinerary word; 84. Marxist, e.g.; 98. Commercial time of day; 99. “___ House,” 1970 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young hit; 105. ___ fruit; 106. They may be flipped; 109. Start; 115. Kin of -ess or -trix; 119. Suffix with prank; 120. Part of 58-Down: Abbr. DOWN: 1. Boozehound’s sound; 2. “Just ___!” (“Hold on!”); 7. Old tales; 9. Agcy. Of the U.N.; 10. “___ Kommissar” (1983 hit); 14. Seine filler; 28. Swedish-born “Chocolat” actress; 30. Cowlick tamer; 31. Confidant, peut-etre; 33. Get exactly right; 34. ‘Vette alternative; 35. Little newt; 43. Espanola, e.g.; 58. Alma mater of some engrs.; 59. “Cheers” actor Roger; 61. Year that Emperor Frederick I died; 67. Not even once, in Nurnberg; 75. German import; 86. Vessel in an alcove; 87. Kitchenware; 88. Not in the profession; 91. T.S. Eliot’s “Theatre Cat”; 92. What’s mined to keep?; 108. “Rule, Britannia” composer; 110. Bit of neckwear; 112. Initials in news;114. Evaian-___-Bains, France.

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