07.31.10 — The View From Tuzigoot

The View from Tuzigoot


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz

A dozen eight-letter entries are the main group of this sere Saturday crossword — AMARILLO (36D. City mentioned in “Route 66”), ANAEROBE (15A. Septic tank resident), I MEANT IT (60A. “My comment was serious”), ONE SUGAR (13D. Coffee specification), SOLSTICE (63A. Occurrence after the fall), 17A. PANDERER To Power” (Frederick J. Sheehan’s expose of Alan Greenspan), PARAFFIN (35D. Coating of cheese), PIZZA BOX (1D. It may measure 16” x 16” x 2”), POSTPONE (14D. Shelve), TRASH CAN (65A. Pitching target), TUZIGOOT (37D. National monument near Flagstaff), WIND CAVE (12D. National park in South Dakota).

Seven-letter — CIA-GATE (26D. The Plame affair, informally), DR SEUSS (54A. One of his aliases was Theo. LeSieg), EPEEIST (42D. Jabber in a mask), ETAGERE (38A. Holder of ornaments), LABELED (24D. Pigeonholed), PATENTS (35A. Preventers of many thefts), SO SORRY (20A. “My bad!”), XEROSIS (8D. Possible result of a vitamin A deficiency).

Six — ALBINO (16A. Accidentally uninked embossed stamp), BASEST (32A. Least dignified), DARRIN (9D. Catcher Fletcher of the 1990s Expos), DOO WOP (9A. It was sung in Rocky Balboa’s neighborhood), EROICA (47D. Musical work whose name means “valiant”), ESSAYS (33D. Some nonfiction), FLOWER (58A. Bed riser?), GET SET (45A. Ready), ILOILO (62A. Philippine port), IN A PET (2D. Miffed), NOT NEW (64A. Used), 44D. “Good MORROW” (quaint greeting), PAPERS (1D. Researchers’ output), RAINES (18A. 1987 All-Star Game M.V.P. Tim), RANTED (21D. Didn’t just opine), SEDONA (41A. New Age mecca in the Southwest), SEPTIC (46D. Infected), STRAPS (27A. 26-Across attachments), TOP TEN (48D. Billboard’s best), ZANIER (3D. Comparatively clownish).

Five — 40A. “And Absalom rode upon A MULE”: Samuel 18:9; JAVAN (34A. Like the rarest rhino); OBESE (7D. Extremely upscale?), RUMOR 51D. One may circulate quickly).

Short stuff — ARES, ARID, BORO, C-CUP (26A. Measure of support?), DELE, DST, EERO, EPI, ESAI, FIG, IAGO (31A. Literary character whose first word is “Sblood“), INN, JANE and PANE, MAP, NTH, OBI, OLAY, OYER, POP, RAZE (43A. Word whose antonym is its own homophone), REEL, SASS and SST, SELA, TOG, WIN and ZED (4D. London Zoo opening?).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 19. Center opening?; 22. Forward-moving occasion?: Abbr.; 23. Suffer the effects of a haymaker; 25. Tony’s portrayer on “NYPD Blue”; 30. Traditional gathering place in old Europe; 44. Legend locale; 49. Like arroyo areas; 50. Legal hearing; 52. Interior designer Aarnio; 53. Whit; 57. Frequent sound at a wine tasting. DOWN: 5. His chariot was drawn by fire-emitting horses; 6. ___ Park (B’klyn neighborhood); 10. Big name in anti-aging products; 11. One getting waisted in Tokyo?; 28. Window shopper’s selection; 29. Retired runway model; 34. Doe being defended; 39. Deck (out); 54. Word often written in red; 55. Ward with awards; 56. Reason to scold a kid; 59. Have the est time, say; 61. Last in a series.

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