07.30.10 — Bein' Green


Friday, July 30, 2010

Puzzle by Kevin G. Der, edited by Will Shortz

Seven 15-letter entries are the main feature of this Friday crossword:

AUTO ACCESSORIES (17A. Cup holders and such)
ENTER INTO DETAIL (55A. Elaborate)
GREEN ARCHITECTS (8D. Ones concerned with sustainable design)
LOSE ONE’S BALANCE (56A. Tip over, say)
MACHINE READABLE (16A. Like bar codes)
STOCKING STUFFER (1A. Christmas trifle)
VINTAGE CLOTHING (52A. It was put on decades ago)

Other — BIZET and “Jeau d’ ENFANTS (42-Across keyboard work), CAELIAN (38D. One of the seven hills of Rome), ELEISON (14D. “Have mercy,“ in a Mass), FBI FILE (13D. Dangerous thing to leak), HARD CLAMS (32A. Quahogs), HAVE A COW (37A. Wig out), LAZY SLOB (33D. Epithet for an annoying roommate), NECROSED (7D. Dead, as tissue), OCTAVES (3D. Musical series), ORGANIC (39D. Free of hormones, say), PESTERER (29A. Nag), PIANINO (35D. Undersize keyboard), RESTART (15D. Result of jumping the gun), SHRIVEL (34D. Decrease in vitality), SMASH-UP (1D. Bad traffic accident), TAURINE (2D. Bullish), WRANGLE (40D. Have words).

Mid-size — ARETES (19A. Glaciation products), BUTENE, CHOSE, COLOR, COME TO, CUTESY (49A. “Aww-inspiring), DREARY, DUG IN, HINNY (41A. Rare equine hybrid), HIVED, LOTSA, MEHTA, OMEGA, POTENT, RESAT, SESTET, SPEARS (34A. Potential game stoppers), TASER (10D. Real stunner), THANE.

Short stuff — ARR, CARO, DUTY, ELAN, ERRS, “FAR out!”, FIT, IN A heap, INCA (6D. User of a record-keeping device called a quipu), KIA, LISA, ONER (23A. Knockout), PAVE, SRAS, TEE and TEL, UDOS, UNE, YODA (50D. Sage exiled on the planet Dagobah).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 18. Femmes mariees, across the Pyrenees: Abbr.; 20. Tailor’s concern; 21. Joined the swarm; 24. Actress Edelstein of TV’s “House”; 25. “UNE Femme Mariee” (Jean-Luc Godard film); 26. Reconvened anew; 28. Walnut, e.g.; 43. Flight ticket abbr.; 44. ___ McCawley, Ben Affleck’s role in “Pearl Harbor”; 45. Airport patrons often avoid it; 46. Series finale; 51. Bounce. DOWN: 4. Drew a lot, say; 5. Amanti maker; 9. Quatrain’s longer relative; 11. Japanese salad plants; 22. Overcast; 24. Mucho; 27. Goes off; 28. Total; 30. Ross, Lennox or Angus, in Shakespoeare; 31. Smooth over; 42. C4H8; 45. Started on a course; 47. Masur’s New York Philharmonic predecessor; 49. Italian sweet?; 53. Sports supporter; 54. Abbr. that might appear above “e-mail”.

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