07.21.10 — Catastrophe...

"It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."
 — Alfred Lord Tennyson


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Puzzle by Oliver Hill, edited by Will Shortz

It appears that a BROKEN HEART (57A. Lover’s woe … or something found literally, in the 4th, 5th, 8th and 11th rows of this puzzle) is useless both as a state of affairs or a clue in a crossword puzzle at least to the unconcerned individual. CATASTROPHE ART, LEAH EARTHLY, NEATH EAR TENTH and MISHEAR TASK are the aforementioned rows, each containing the broken word of HEART, a “ta da” afterthought to this winsome Wednesday crossword.

Other across — 1. “Impression Sunrise” painter; 6. Gives the thumbs-up; 9. Dreamworks’s first animated film; 13. Site of some rock shows; 14. End of a boast; 16. Pitcher Derek; 17. A heap; 18. Flair; 19. Subject of many Georgia O’Keeffe paintings; 20. Disaster; 23. Skill; 24. Woman’s name meaning “weary” in Hebrew; 25. Of this world; 27. Swelter; 30. Word before and after “for”; 32. Airport info: Abbr.; 33. Maryland athlete, for short; 34. They’re often eaten with applesauce; 38. Bard’s “below”; 40. Place to put a bud; 42. Like J in the alphabet; 43. Flirtatious one; 47. Suffix with Brooklyn; 48. Made tidy, in a way; 50. Bibliographic abbr.; 51. Experience a mondegreen, e.g.; 54. Agenda unit; 56. ALA carte; 62. Brass component; 64. When doubled, popular 1980s-’90s British sitcom; 65. Alexander the Great conquered it ca. 335 B.C.; 66. Appendices with some studies; 67. SAT taker, e.g.; 68. Don; 69. Genesis man; 70. Date; 71. Editors’ marks.

Down — 1. Like bueno but not buena: Abbr.; 2. Filmdom’s Willy, for one; 3. “Cool beans!”; 4. It’s ultimate; 5. French cup; 6. “Psst!”; 7. Metric prefix; 8. Pretty vistas, for short; 9. The Greatest; 10. Singer Jones; 11. Pirouette; 12. Full of spice; 15. Rope for pulling a sail; 21. Lacking spice; 22. Mess-ups; 26. French bean?; 27. French bench; 28. Uh-Oh! OREO (Nabisco product); 29. Where many a veteran has served; 31. Distinct; 33. Information superhighway; 35. Make a sweater, say; 36. “At Last” singer James; 37. Poet/illustrator Silverstein; 39. Rear; 41. Slow alternative to I-95; 44. Rip into; 46. Breadth; 49. Lower class in “1984”; 50. Manage; 51. Protégé, for one; 52. Poem with approximately 16,000 lines; 53. With 45-Across, largest city in California’s wine country; 55. Sends by UPS, say; 58. Painter Paul; 59. Chip or two, maybe; 60. Real knee-slapper; 61. Bronzes; 63. Video shooter, for short.


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