07.25.10 — Birds of a Feather — the Diagramless

Fowl on a Riverbank, 1651, Gijsbert d'Hondecoeter


Sunday, July 25, 2010

DIAGRAMLESS, Puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz

Fowl designations used idiomatically, e.g., DUCKED THE ISSUE (13A. Equivocated), CHICKENED OUT (32A. Turned yellow), GAVE IT A GOOSE (51A. Floored the accelerator) and WENT COLD TURKEY (70A. Dried out quickly) are the interrelated group of this clever Sunday diagramless crossword. BAD EGGS (28A. Rotten so-and-sos) — not included.

Other across — 1. 500 sheets, REAM; 5. 2010 N.B.A. champs, LAKERS; 11. Melvin known as the King of Torts, BELLI; 12. Lacking principles, AMORAL; 16. Morale-boosting grp., USO; 17. Deck out, ADORN; 18. Study intently, PEER AT; 22. Orbiter until 2001, MIR; 23. Camera type, for short, SLR; 24. Trevi toss-in, once, LIRA; 25. Bunk framework, BEDSTEAD; 31. Command after “ready”, SET; 35. State on a bay: Abbr., DEL; 37. Countless, A LOT OF; 38. Actor Alejandro or Fernando, REY; 39. Young seal, PUP; 41. 11-Across’s profession, LAW; 42. Earn, NET; 44. Schooner filler, ALE; 47. Big bang, REPORT; 49. “Go team!”, RAH; 55. Cote sound, COO; 57. Touched up, AMENDED; 58. Campaign fund, WAR CHEST; 61. Keep watch over, TEND; 62. Where shepherds keep watch, LEA; 63. Vacation rental, CAR; 64. Bars, legally, ESTOPS; 67. Fresh-mouthed, SAUCY; 69. Sit in a cellar, say, AGE; 74. Of a main line, AORTAL; 75. Old-time politico, Kefauver, ESTES; 76. Fancy-chancy, SWANKY; 77. 1.0 equivalents, DEES.

Down — 1. Made a tape of, RECORDED; 2. Bugling beast, ELK; 3. The Rays’ div., A L EAST; 4. Piano student’s reference point, MIDDLE C; 5. Co-star of Haley and Bolger, LAHR; 6. Call from the flock, AMEN; 7. Fish in a garden pool, KOI; 8. Medevac destinations, briefly, ERS; 9. Talk like a tough guy, RASP; 10. Turn on a pivot, SLUE; 13. Boneheaded, DUMB; 14. Holy scroll, TORAH; 15. Fished with pots, EELED; 19. Attention to detail, RIGOR; 20. Present a case, ARGUE; 21. “Mm-mm-good!”, TASTY; 26. Listing in a how-to, STEP; 28. Go all-in, say, BET; 29. Quotation book abbr., ANON; 30. Put on the shelf, DEFER; 33. Mild smoke, CLARO; 34. Act the bootlicker, KOWTOW; 36. Like tabloid headlines, LURID; 40. Best of the early Beatles, PETE; 43 Dash gadget, TACH; 44. Playground shooter, AGATE; 45. Causes to limp, LAMES; 46. Triple jump, e.g., EVENT; 48. Add to dishonestly, PAD; 50. Cornmeal concoctions, HOE CAKES; 52. Fund, ENDOW; 53. “To your health!”, SALUD; 54. Put up, ERECTED; 56. Siouan speakers, OSAGES; 60. Deuce beater, TREY; 65. Wasabi PEAS (spicy snack); 66. Rare cause of April baseball postponements, SNOW; 67. Overcharge, slangily, SOAK; 68. One on your side, ALLY; 71. Lilting syllable, TRA; 72. UPS unit: Abbr., CTN; 73. 66, famously: Abbr., RTE.

More? Eat CROW, wise as an OWL, looking like the cat that swallowed the CANARY, doing a SWAN song, the COCK of the walk, as mad as a WET HEN, naked as a JAYBIRD, proud as a PEACOCK, happy as a LARK, like a BAT out of Hell, and crazy as a LOON!


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