07.07.10 — On Command

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Puzzle by Will Nediger, edited by Will Shortz

Evoking busy signal, play list, throwback and hide and go seek, BIZET, SIGNAL! (17A. Command to a French composer at an intersection?), PLAY, LISZT! (30A. Command to a Hungarian composer at the piano?), THROW, BACH! (46A. Command to a German composer on a baseball diamond?) and HAYDN, GO SEEK! (61A. Command to an Austrian composer on a scavenger hunt?) compose the interrelated group of this commanding Wednesday crossword.

Other — ABS OF STEEL (11D. Hard core?), GAL PALS (10D. Bachelorette party attendees), MAIS OUI (45D. “But of course!,“ in Marseille), OKAY BY ME (40D. “Go ahead”), PUTTING (5D. Green skill), SINE WAVE (8D. Symbol of simple harmonic motion), SWISHED (43D. Moved, as a horse’s tail), WIZARD OF OZ (29D. 1939 title role for Frank Morgan).

Mid-size — ABACUS (14A. You can count on it), ADOPT, ALLAY, AMOEBA (44A. Cell on a slide), ASSET, ASWAN, BOOKS (53A. Leaf holders), BORIS (55A. Czar of Russia between Feodors), DAISY, DOINGS, GUILTY (66A. Word before a sentence), HYENA, JALAPA (1A. Veracruz’s capital), LOREN (39A. Sophia of “Marriage Italian-Style”), LYRIC, PAOLO (22A. Uccello who painted “The Battle of San Romano”), PIGGY, SLABS, SOOTH, TEHEE, TOKAY (33D. Hungarian wine), WHARF, YIPPEE (69A. “Woo-hoo!”), ZORBA.

Short stuff — ABIT, ACE and ALE and APE, ARI, BEEP, BOX, CPA, DEER, EGO, ELF, EXPO (13D. Fair), ELMO, HELP, HMS, HORN, IHOP, JABS, LAZY, METE, OAK, ODOR, OLGA, OOZE, OPIE, PAZ, PERK, POLE, POOL (12D. Game involving banks), PTA, RIPA, SAKI (43A. Author who famously ended a short story with the line “Romance at short notice was her specialty”), SIP, SKYE, SOP, STY, “Tippecanoe and Tyler TOO”, URGE, USCG (7A. Its motto is “Semper paratus”: Abbr.), VANE, VITO, YVES.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 11. Bonobo, for one; 15. Kelly of “Live With Regis and Kelly”; 16. Word with band or sand; 19. Conciliatory gift; 20. Pen; 21. Tickle response; 24. Don Corleone; 25. Loading locale; 27. City south of Luxor; 34. Activities; 36. Jacques Cousteau’s middle name; 38. Move like mud; 41. Fringe benefit; 42. Sch. Supporter; 49. Lessen, as fears; 50. Jay Gatsby’s love; 51. Mayberry boy; 57. Initials at sea; 64. Freudian concept; 65. Adm. Zurnwalt, chief of naval operations during the Vietnam War; 67. Guerra’s opposite; 68. Does, e.g. DOWN: 1. Injures with a pencil, say; 2. Somewhat; 3. Unlike a go-getter; 4. Point of no return?; 6. Plus; 7. What an addict fights; 9. Tax pro, for short; 18. Denny’s competitor; 23. Talent agent ___ Emanuel; 24. Roof topper; 26. Relative of an aardwolf; 27. Make one’s own; 28. Truth, archaically; 31. Like much poetry; 32. 1964 title role for Anthony Quinn; 35. Hearty helpings of meat loaf, say; 41. It may be + or - ; 47. Symbol of strength; 48. Device making a 53-Down; 52. “Little” digit; 53. Sound made by a 48-Down; 54. Kurylenko of “Quantum of Solace”; 56. Febreeze target; 57. Succor; 58. Parcel (out); 59. ___ terrier; 62. Hearty quaff; 63. Take in slowly.

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