07.15.10 — SECRET


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Puzzle by Brendan Emmett Quigley and Patrick Blindauer, edited by Will Shortz

SECRET, indirectly clued and without squares of its own, referred to in eight entries clued as “After 66-Across,” etc. — ENTRANCE (17. Batcave feature), ADMIRER (21. Anonymous Valentine sender), SANTA (23. Participant in a gift-giving activity), BALLOT (35. Election standard), GARDEN (40. Classic 1911 children‘s book, wit “The“), AGENT (49. Spy), HISTORY (53. Exposé subject) and FORMULAS (58. Marketing gimmicks), constitutes the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword — each of the six Down entries in the lower left of the crossword end with the last letter outside of the grid, resulting in the aforementioned SECRET, which lies below ALIENS (63A. “V” extras) via the “unfinished” entries of AMA[S], TIL[E], WORKAHOLI[C], DISINTE[R], SEIN[E] and AT RES[T].

Other — MCCARTHY (6D. Cormac who wrote “No Country for Old Men”), ONE BY ONE (38D. Individually), PIE DISH (7D. Bake sale container), SENEGAL (10D. Dakar’s land), SNARFED (42D. Gobbled), SPORTS LAW (11D. Judicial area dealing with athletes).

Six-letter — ATONER (56A. Sorry soul?), ICE POP (16A. Colorful summer treat), LAD MAG (46D. Maxim, e.g.), LLAMAS (4D. Beasts of burden), MILTIE (60A. Old TV “Uncle“), O’NEILL (45A. Four-time Yankee All-Star Paul), PASS TO (8A. Target, as a receiver), TSK TSK (28A. “You know better than that!”), XENONS (19A. Popular headlights).

Five-letter — AGENT, ALKIE (44A. Boozehound), APNEA, BASRA (30A. Mideast city that is the capital of the world in H.G. Wells’s “The Shape of Things to Come”), made into a film, HERE, DWEEB, EELER, EXALT, ILGWU, NEALE, ORONO, PIERS, PIXIE, RE-AIM, RITTS (18D. Photographer Herb), SAT ON, TBSPS, WOTAN (3D. “Der Ring des Nibelungen“ war god), YOGAS.

Short stuff — ACER, AHAB, AHH, ANO, BALI, BAT, DENG, ELP, ENYA, GTOS, ION, IPO, KAHN, LIMP, LOCI, MLK, OAT, OHO, OPS, OXO (36A. Kitchen gadget brand with a rotationally symmetric logo), PAW, RES, RILE, RYN, SNL, STAS, TON (12D. Host), WEE, WHY, YEWS.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Thing with four digits; 4. Unfirm; 14. Small business’s dream, for short; 15. Sets in geometry; 20. Shift one’s focus; 24. Vex; 25. Some Ferraris; 31. Coniferous trees; 34. Hot tub sound; 37. What for; 38. Muffin choice; 39. Agosto to agosto; 42. Janis Ian, Billy Preston and George Carlin were its first guests; 43. Champion’s shout; 47. Places where connections are made: Abbr.; 48. Literary character who says “For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee”; 55. Squarepants; 61. Iris pop star; 62. 1970s super group, for short; 64. Jiang’s predecessor; 65. Lo-___. DOWN: 1. Docks; 2. Sleep lab study; 5. One in an accelerated program?; 8. Sprite; 9. Big PC maker; 13. Photo finish?; 22. ___ Day, Jan. celebration; 26. Chief Joseph ___, after whom a Maine college town is named; 29. “Clue” actress Madeline; 30. Hit; 31. Options at a gym; 32. Elevate; 33. Person who doesn’t know when to quit; 35. 2,100-square mile island with six volcanoes; 37. Lilliputian; 41. Dig up; 43. Labor grp.; 45. “”What’s all this?”; 48. Still; 50. Certain fisher; 51. Football Hall-of-Famer Greasy; 52. Dosage amts.; 54. River that’s the site of Javert’s demise in “Les Misérables”; 56. Member of a Latin trio; 57. Tessellation piece; 59. Artist Rembrandt van ___.

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