04.10.11 — ALL-PRO


Sunday, April 10, 2011

ALL-PRO, Puzzle by Paula Gamache / Edited by Will Shortz

The title of this playful Sunday crossword misleadingly hints at sports, but PRO here is a synonym for FOR, and by placing FOR before GO, BID, GIVE, AGE, GET, BEAR and TUNE, with the resulting interrelated group all for turning familiar phrases into unusual ones — FORGO COLD TURKEY (23A. Skip Thanksgiving leftovers?), DO ONE’S FORBIDDING (30A. Say “No,” “Never” and “Uh-uh”?), FORGIVE US THIS DAY (47A. Plea for immediate absolution?), FORAGE APPROPRIATE (63A. Like food that’s acceptable to cattle?), PLAY HARD TO FORGET (79A. Memorable theatrical performance?), GRIN AND FORBEAR IT (93A. Abstain happily?) and CARRIES A FORTUNE (108A. Is well-endowed?).

Other — ALL AT SEA (43A. Hopelessly lost), ARISTIDE (21A. Haiti‘s first democratically elected president), ASSERTED, BACKSTAB, EDGED OUT, IRON FENCE (40D. Typical cemetery enclosure), LORGNETTE (26A. Operagoer‘s accessory), NEAR-FATAL (104A. Life-threatening), SET DESIGN, THESSALY (115A. Region conquered by Philip II of Macedon), UTTER ROT (57D. Baloney and then some).

Mid-size — ALEUTS, ARCADIA, COARSE, CRATERS, Haitian CREOLE, DENIZEN (84D. Bear vis-à-vis the woods, e.g.), ELLESSE (70A. Italian sportswear name), FRERES (90D. Bordeaux brothers), GONDOLA (58A. Chairlift alternative), LEVITT (102A. Steven who co-wrote “Freakonomics“), MASHES, PAT DRY, PEEDEE (113A. Dammed river in North Carolina), PERIDOT (16D. Green gemstone), SAIL ON, SECEDE, STEEDS, STRAFE, STROPS, TIK TOK (12D. 2010 chart-topper for Ke$ha).

Five-letter — ABIDE, ADEER, ADREP, AMAZE, ANSEL, APERS, ARDEN, AROOM, BALTO (7D. Sled dog with a statue in New York’s Central Park), BELAY, BEY, BLAND, BUTTE, CHOSE, CROCI (25A. Early spring bloomers), DINER, EBOLI, ECLAT, ELUDE and ETUDE, EPOCH, FLASH, FLEES, GLADS, INURE, IVANA, LANED, MCFLY, MINTS, MONDO, PILAF (62D. Kebab go-with), POINT, READY, REBEL, RECON, REMIT, SERRA, SILLY, SLING, STANS, VILAS (48D. Tennis’s 1977 U.S. Open champ).

Short stuff — ACEY-deucy, AFOG, AHOY, AMPS, ASS, ATE and ATEE, ATOB, BAAL, BLOC, BOBO, CAST, CFOS, CUP, ELEE, ELIO, ELON, EMAG, ENC, ENTR ‘acte, ERIN, ESTO dignus” (Latin motto); ETA, FRET, HOGG, IDO, IMPS, IONA, IRA, LAE and LEI, LIVE, LPS, NARY, OBOE and OTOE, OMS, ORTS, OTT, La Môme PIAF (The Little Sparrow), PSST, PVC, REEK, RENO, RIPS, Mateus ROSE, SADO-masochism, TOOT, YMA.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Reduces to pulp; 7. Betray, in a way; 15. They’re unoriginal; 22. Iconoclast; 25. Early spring bloomers; 27. Broke bread; 28. Longfellow’s words before “O Ship of State!”; 29. Singer Sumac; 34. Robert ___ (Mary Custis); 36. Make a big stink; 37. Chacon of the 1960s Mets; 38. Put up with; 41. One may be original; 52. Abbr. on a cover letter; 53. Wind in front of a stage; 54. Kin of fairies; 55. Not; 56. Crested ___, Colo.; 60. Shake; 62. Blot with a paper towel, maybe; 67. Inuit relatives; 69. Checked, say; 73. They come with turndown service; 74. Soviet ___; 75. Burial site of early Scottish kings; 77. Rents; 78. Pipe material, for short; 83. Shell, e.g.; 86. Warning from a driver; 87. Extremely, in 1970s slang; 88. Joyce’s land; 89. Bottom-line bigwigs, in brief; 91. Head-turning sound; 99. Fairy; 103. New Guinea port; 107. Blow away; 111. One giving an order; 112. Declared; 114. Maurice of Nixon’s cabinet; 118. Mounts. — DOWN: 1. “Back to the Future” family name; 2. “Get ___!”; 3. California missions founder Junipero ___; 4. Scottish poet James known as “The Ettrick Shepherd”; 5. Southern university that shares its name with a biblical judge; 6. Form a splinter group; 8. Elizabeth in the cosmetics department; 9. Abbr. following op. and loc.; 10. The Wildcats of the Big 12 Conf.; 11. Attack from the air; 13. Like ___ in the headlights; 14. Old Ottoman governor; 15. Rural setting, in poetry; 17. Place in a Carlo Levi memoir; 18. Scout’s mission; 19. David’s weapon; 24. Western tribe; 28. Preposterous; 31. Once, a long time ago; 32. “Family Guy” creator MacFarlane; 34. Barely beat; 35. Oahu offering; 38. In ___ (confused); 39. Mr. Burns’s teddy bear on “The Simpsons”; 41. Driver’s target; 42. Balloonhead; 43. Seller of space or time, for short; 44. Showy craft?; 49. Salon, e.g., informally; 50. Accustom; 56. False deity; 59. Dinner scraps; 60. Memorable time; 61. Vintage platters; 64. Bravura; 65. Cry to a mate; 66. City east of the Sierra Nevada; 67. Concern stack; 68. Unexploded; 71. Made haste; 74. Sans pizazz; 75. Chapel line; 76. Giant of old; 79. Gist; 80. Basic first step; 82. Chant syllables; 85. Fails miserably; 89. Like a hair shirt; 92. Sharpening devices; 93. Sword lilies, for short; 94. Send, as a check; 95. Trump who wrote “The Best Is Yet to Come”; 96. Instant; 97. Lensman Adams; 98. Good to go; 99. Dexterity exercise; 100. Like an interstate; 101. Jumps bail, say; 105. Say “What to do? What to do?,” e.g.; 108. To ___ (precisely); 108. Siamese, e.g.; 109. Filing org.; 110. H.

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