04.21.11 — Am I Hearing You?


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Puzzle by Julian Lim / Edited by Will Shortz

EACH ONE-WORD CLUE / IN THIS PUZZLE / IS A HOMOPHONE / OF ITS ACTUAL CLUE (17A, 25A, 42A and 56A. Solving hint) is the answer/clue for the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword. The group includes EBBS (10A. Lessons), e.g., lessens; MAKE (35A. Urn), earn; ROCK (38A. Bolder), bolder; LORE (62A. Tails), tales; RAINS (63A. Pores), pours; SPOT (8D. Add), ad; ESCAPE (10D. Flea), flee; AUCTION (23D. Sail), sale; TAKE (27D. Chews), choose; RUIN (54D. Waist), waste.

Other — AMPERE, ARARAT (45A. Dormant volcano near the Iranian border), CHEW UP, IRITIS (42D. Eye inflammation), KOOL-AID, LET IT BE (49A. #1 Beatles tune of 1970), MATURE, MEATBALL (36D. Pasta topper), SPOILER, TERRAZZO (9D. Mosaic flooring), TRIAGED, TRINARY, YALE LAW.

Five-letter — ALOHA, ATILT, BEARD, BLUER, BULGE, DIMLY, EAT IN, FREAK (1A. Carnival sideshow feature), LSATS, MATEO, REFER, RINSO, SAVOY (41D. Popular 1920s-’50s Harlem ballroom, with “the”), SUEDE.

Short stuff — AGUA, AHH, ALTI, ARTS, ASHE, COZY, CYST, EBBS, ECON, ECTO, ENCL, FREY, HELI and LEHI, HOPE, HRE, IBMS, LT YR, NATO, NCAA, NEAT (25A. “That‘s keen!”), NES, NOVO, OTRA, RAH, RIAA (2D. Org. that certifies gold and platinum), SKYE, STE, SULU, TYR, YENS, YOW, ZOE.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 6. Target of some surgery; 14. Classic detergent brand; 15. It stayed in Pandora’s box; 16. Shipmate of Spock; 20. Alma mater of Gerald Ford; 21. Prioritized in the emergency room; 22. Contents of un lago; 24. Subject of current thinking?; 30. Feature of most paintings of Jesus; 31. Like a warm bed on a winter night; 32. Classic game console letters; 36. San ___, Calif.; 39. Fr. Holy one; 40. Where Samson slew the Philistines; 48. Cold war force; 51. Having three parts; 58. Prefix with pad; 59. Astronomical distance: Abbr.; 60. Kind of kitchen; 61. Bachelor of ___. — DOWN: 1. “A Million Little Pieces” author James; 3. Abbr. at the bottom of a letter; 4. Athlete who posthumously won the Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1993; 5. Tang alternative; 6. Munch on; 7. “Man, that hurts!”; 11. Potbelly, e.g.; 12. More melancholy; 13. Upholstery material; 18. Horses, to bettors; 19. How nightclubs are often lit; 25. Deep Blue and others; 28. Old Eur. Realm; 29. Actress Saldana of “Avatar”; 32. De ___ (from the start); 33. Subj. with graphs; 34. Hebrides isle; 37. “Feels won-n-nderful!”; 38. Arena cry; 40. Future attys.’ hurdles; 41. Unread part of a movie review, maybe; 43. Past puberty; 44. ___ vez (again: Sp.); 45. Greeting for Obama returning home?; 46. Direct (to); 47. At an angle; 50. Prefix with -dermal; 52. March Madness inits.; 53. Some choir members; 55. Big appetites; 57. Norse god of war.

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