04.23.11 — Proxima Centauri, Et Cetera

The surface of a fictional planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to our sun. This appeared in "The New Challenge of the Stars". Notable here is the Cassiopeia "W" on the right with an extra star, that star being our own sun.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Puzzle by Mike Nothnagel / Edited by Will Shortz

Four fifteen-letter entries are the main feature of this Saturday crossword — DON’T MOVE A MUSCLE (17A. “Freeze!”), IT’S NEVER TOO LATE (55A. Comment to a procrastinator), PROXIMA CENTAURI (14A. Second-closest star to Earth) and STOCKING STUFFER (58A. Little something in Santa’s bag).

Nine-letter — HONEST ABE (3D. President after Ten-Cent Jimmy), LOVECRAFT (31D. “The Call of Cthulhu” writer), ONE SUITER (32D. Small piece of luggage) and PROBOSCIS (2D. Insect feeder).

Mid-size — BRAVES (41A. Team that has won the World Series three times while based in three different cities), CELIAC (16. Relating to the abdominal cavity), DEAD STOP (7D. Abrupt ending), DUST MOP (7A. Dry cleaner), KIBBITZ (34A. Meddle, in a way), MORSELS (59A. Bites), OUT BOXES (42A. Temporary storage for completed work), PISTONS (36A. Things with rings), SCALPS (27A. Way overcharges for), STARES AT (24A. Regards), SUPER G (40D. Olympic event since ‘88), TEATRO (60A. Place to see “Il Trovatore,” e.g.), UP HERE (1A. “Not down there”) and ZOOM LENS (35D. Detail provider).

Five-letter — AMPAS, ANVIL, AVOWS, DIESM, ENERO, ENSOR (46D. Expressionist James), GIBBS, MARIN (53A. It‘s south of Sonoma), MUCHO, OBESE, ORLON, PIERS, SYNCS, TARTS and TASTE and TESTY and TWIST, UNMET, UPDOS, YET TO come.

Short stuff — ALBA and ALFA, ASEA, COG, CUE, DYES, EENY, EKE out a win, EMO (8D. Modern music genre), EONS, ESS, EXTS, MOUE, NLER, OLDE English, OTT, RIME, RPI, SKA (27D. Modern music genre), SLOE, SOS and YOS, SRO, STAX, STU, THOR.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — 18. Off-the-scale?; 20. 2011 title role for Chris Hemsworth; 21. Song in “Mamma Mia!”; 22. Difficulty increaser in diving; 23. Time immemorial; 28. Peon; 30. Relative of a cherry plum; 38. In a shell, maybe; 39. Calls between friends; 44. Turns brown, maybe; 48. Cultural org. with its HQ in Beverly Hills; 49. A shark may carry one; 51. Start of a children’s rhyme; 52. Cubbie, e.g. — DOWN: 1. Updos; 4. Company line?: Abbr.; 5. Extra layer in winter?; 8. Not satisfied; 9. Afro-sporting character on “The Simpsons”; 10. Try; 11. Lotsa; 12. 1950s sweater material; 13. Sides of slips; 15. Says with a hand in the air, perhaps; 22. Inclined to strike out; 25. Terra ___ (pulverized gypsum); 26. Sch. That awarded the first civil engineering degree in the U.S.; 29. Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Joe; 30. Record label for Booker T. & the MG’s; 33. What may come after an heir?; 37. Sign that might mean “Good play!”; 43. Some shells and their contents; 44. View espoused in Thomas Paine’s “The Age of Reason”; 47. Matches; 48. Rural block; 50. What “1” may mean, in Mexico; 53. Sulker’s expression; 54. First in a series of 26; 57. N.H.L. Senators, on scoreboards.

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