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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Puzzle by Randall J. Hartman / Edited by Will Shortz

BBB (33D. Grp. That battles consumer fraud .. Or a hint to some much-repeated letters in this puzzle) lets on that there is an inordinate amount of the letter B in this agreeable Tuesday crossword, thirty-something, including multiples found in BUBBLE BATH, BARBARA BUSH, BEING BOBBY BROWN, BASEBALL BAT, BABY BOOMER, BEER BARREL, BAN THE BOMB, doubles in Addis ABABA, BOB, BOOB (6A. Dumb cluck), BABA, BARB, BLAB, BABAR, BIBS, B AND B and singles aplenty. Not that it matters at all, there were more-per-puzzle Bs in a crossword last August, HERE.

Other — ABOIL, ADIEU, ALEPH, ARABS (24D. Dubai denizens), BEADY (1A. Like a rat‘s eyes), BENES, BRYCE, CARBON, CREEP (22A. Sleazy sort), IDLES, LIBEL, MORAL, ORAL B, OZONE, POKED, RELAY, SANA’A (49D. Capital of Yemen), SELENA, URBAN.

Short stuff — ABA and ALBA, AMOK, APO, ARCA and AREA, BAH and BAL, BOLE, BONA fide, BOZO (54D. Dumb cluck), BRED and BRET, CAM, CUBE, DEBT, DIAM, EAST, EBAN (18D. Abba of Israel), EDEL, EDUC, EINE kleine Nachtmusik“, ENYA, EWAN, HANA, HOLE, IRA, MBAS, NONO, OCT, Alley OOP, OPEC (63A. Cartel formed in ‘60), ORBS, RBIS, RENE, RHEE, ROMA, ROSY, SAAB, SCAT, YSL.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 10. Rummy cake; 14. Twiddles one’s thumbs; 15. Medieval treasure chest; 16. Biographer Leon; 17. Relaxing soak; 20. “Get lost, kitty!”; 21. Savings acct. figure; 23. First lady who wrote “Millie’s Book”; 26. Diamond, essentially; 30. Capital in Europa; 31. From the city; 32. Degrees held by many C.E.O.’s; 34. Former South Korean president Syngman ___; 38. Onetime reality show with Whitney Houston; 41. The “E” in N.L.E.; 42. The sun, moon and stars; 43. Event with batons; 44. Mandlikova of tennis; 46. 1997 Jennifer Lopez biopic; 47. Louisville Slugger, e.g.; 53. 401(k) alternative; 54. Stinging remark; 58. Taboo; 59. Gen Xer’s parent; 62. Circle meas.; 64. Upper atmosphere layer; 65. Let the cat out of the bag; 66. Tree trunk; 67. Contacted on Facebook, in a way. — DOWN: 1. Spareribs eaters’ wear; 2. N.E.A. part: Abbr.; 3. Jessica of “Good Luck Chuck”; 4. Red ink; 5. Fashion monogram; 6. Kid-lit elephant; 7. Big name in dental care; 8. United Nations Day mo.; 9. Cry from Scrooge; 10. Brewery container; 11. Parting word à Paris; 12. Elaine ____ (“Seinfeld” character); 13. Letter before beth; 22. Piece of video gear; 23. Sound from Big Ben; 25. Like Santa’s cheeks; 26. Shape for Rubik; 27. Field of study; 28. Diamond stats; 29. Anti-nuke slogan; 32. Lesson from Aesop; 35. Place for an ace; 36. McGregor of “Star Wars” films; 37. 1987 album later re-released as “The Celts”; 40. Author Harte; 45. Defunct hoops org.; 46. Volvo rival; 47. Hardly a chain hotel, informally; 48. In a tumultuous state; 50. Defame in writing; 51. Utah’s ___ Canyon; 55. Totally out of control; 56. Russo of “Major League”; 57. Raised, as cattle; 59. Short do; 60. G.I.’s address.

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