04.27.11 — For What It's Worth

American Progress, c. 1872 by John Gast,
an allegorical representation of the modernization of the new west.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Puzzle by William L. Johnston / Edited by Will Shortz

MANIFEST DESTINY (7D. Expansionist doctrine), CLEAR PRIORITY (20A. Task that stands high on one’s list), EXPLICIT CONTENT (40A. Words on a parental advisory) and PATENT LEATHER (56A. Shiny shoe material) constitute the interrelated group of this vague Wednesday crossword.

Other — COERCE, CUTIE PIE (41D. Adorable one), ENRAPT, HYPERSPACE (30D Four-dimensional realm), NODULE, PLANAR, RAPPER (5D. Lil Wayne, for one), SAXONY, SEETHE, TAG YOUR IT (11D. Playground shout), TEAR INTO (9D. Attack vigorously), USENET.


Short stuff — ABUT, Open A CAN of worms, ADOS, ATOP, BAIL, CREE, CUJO, DEES, DITS, EKCO, ELIS, EMAJ, ENCL, EVIL, EWER, FWIW (24A. Bit of cyberchat shorthand), for what it‘s worth, HUTU, “Dies IRAE“, ITAL, IVAN, IWO, LEIS, LIE, LSAT, NICE, NOEL, OIL and OLE, OLLA, Photo OPS, PLY, PUT, QED, QUAD, RACE, RELO, TRE, TYS, UGLY, UIES, UKE, USDA, USH, ZERO, ZINC (1D. 97.5% of a penny).


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Sum of opposites; 5. Send in, as payment; 10. Surmounting; 14. Tennis great Lendl; 15. Not just stirring; 16. Dump water overboard; 17. Riviera deity; 18. Quaker State: Abbr.; 19. Grotesque; 23. It may be part of a pack; 28. Show people to their seats, informally; 31. First Nations tribe; 33. Little bump; 35. Agree verbally; 37. Exam with a max. score of 180; 43. Winter air; 44. Food stamp?; 45. Basketball Hall-of-Famer Thomas; 46. Mesmerized; 48. Return envelope, e.g.: Abbr.; 50. Quattro preceder; 51. Cobb and others; 52. Turnarounds, slangily; 54. Corrida cry; 62. Campus area; 64. Buttinsky; 65. Brit of Fox News; 66. Kitchenware brand; 67. Column order; 68. Slanted type: Abbr.; 69. Pretty low grades; 70. “Family Ties: mother; 71. Rabid dog in a Stephen King story. — DOWN: 2. Diabolical; 3. Political contest; 4. Center of the N.B.A.; 6. Common still-life subject; 8. “No need to tell me”; 9. Attack vigorously; 10. Touch; 12. Vinaigrette component; 13. Practice, as a trade; 21. Lake of “Hairspray”; 22. Pacific battle site, familiarly; 26. Flat; 27. Do a slow burn; 28. Online newsgroup system; 29. Leipzig’s state; 32. Skull and Bones members; 34. Morse code for “sissies”; 36. Ceramic vessel; 42. Nabisco wafer; 47. Wall Street option; 49. Strong-arm; 53. Register; 55. Set of principles; 57. Commotions; 58. Island rings; 59. Rwandan group; 60. Key of Bach’s second violin concerto: Abbr.; 61. Employee’s move, for short; 62. Letters seen during proofreading?; 63. Island strings.

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Anonymous said...

I still can't imagine ANYONE using 28 Across: 'USH' informally to ...'show people to their seats'!??