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Dumb blonde model reading book upside down, photograph Caridee at Hane Hassan


Sunday, April 3, 2011

TRIPLE BONDS, Puzzle by Oliver Hill and Eliza Bagg / Edited by Will Shortz

In this playful Sunday crossword nine three-word across entries possess a touch of nonsense on their own each having three clues (divided with a / ) and each with three words that combine into three distinct pairs:

  • GREEN TEA PARTY (23. Chinese restaurant offering / Wonderland affair / Group on the left?), e.g., green tea, tea party, green party
  • CRAB CAKE WALK (27. Baltimore specialty / Effortless task / Move on all fours with the belly up), crab cake, cake walk, crab walk
  • LOW CUT CLASS (43. Plunging / Play hooky / Vulgar), low-cut, cut class, low class
  • AIR CANADA DRY (52. Northern flier / Mixer maker / Put on the line), Air Canada, Canada Dry, air-dry
  • DIRTY BLONDE JOKE (67. Yellowish brown / Bit of “dumb” humor / Many a forwarded e-mail), dirty blonde, blonde joke, dirty joke
  • HEAD COLD CASE (87. Cause of congestion / Detective’s challenge / Loony), head cold, cold case, head case
  • HONEY POT PIE (94. Winnie-the-Pooh possession / Baked entrée / Sweetie), honey pot, pot pie, honey pie
  • CAT FOOD FIGHT (106. Fancy Feast product / Cafeteria outburst / “Mean Girls” event), cat food, food fight, cat fight
  • BLUE STATE BIRD (119. Democratic territory / Cardinal, e.g. / “Over the Rainbow” flier), blue state, state bird, blue bird

Other — ADDED ON (61D. Appended), ANAGRAM (26A. Neo, for one), ANORAKS (114A. Hooded jackets), AVIATOR sunglasses, BON JOVI (21A. “Livin’ on a Prayer” band), COPYREAD (91D. Check, as text), ENDEMIC (25A. Indigenous), HAIR TIES (47A. Scrunchies), LANGLAUF (5D. Cross-country skiing), MESTIZO (122A. Biracial Latin American), NAIL FILE (51A. Tip reducer), OF COURSE, (93A. “Naturally!”) STAPLER (41D. Desk item), SZECHWAN (90A. Style of chicken) and YAWPS (77D. Barks).

I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable,
I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world.
~ Walt Whitman, “Song of Myself” Leaves of Grass

Six-letter — ALIBIS, ANTHEM (7A. Something that might get a rise out of people?), CATHAY (28D. Polo locale), CONDOR (54D. Creature worshiped by the Incas), ENBLOC, ESTATE, FIASCO, GAG LAW (99D. Speech blocker), I AGREE (123A. “Ditto!”), IDES OF, LA MESA, MAYBES, ODESSA (128A. “The Battleship Potemkin“ setting), O’TOOLE, REPLAN and REPORT, RIPEST, SAGEST, SWORDS, TAIPAN.


Short stuff — ABIE, ANA and ANO, ARD, ASS (55A. Buffoon), AVEC plaisir, AWE, CAMS, CCL, CEOS, COLA, CONK, CUI, DNA, EAT, ENDE, ERAS, EVIL eye, FAT and FAST, HERR, Bklyn. HTS, HUGO, ICE, “This IS AN outrage!”, JEW, KIPS, KNIT, LAP and NAP, LARA, LIEF, NIL, NON, NRA, NTH, OLEA, OOZE, OPEN, ORA and ORG, OTIS, PAAR, PAN, POP, PSI (38D. Reciprocal Fibonacci constant), RLS, RYAN, SCH, SED and SEM and SEW, SHE Bangs“ (Ricky Martin hit), SOMA, SRAS, SYR, TEAM, TERA and TERR, THO, TIS and TISH (108D. “Oh, pooh!”), TMAC, WICK, YEP (“Uh-huh”).


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Henry II player in “Becket”; ?; 13. Clinch; 16. Clinch, with “up”’ 19. Arrange again; 20. Suburb of San Diego; 29. Admit; 31. Skins, e.g.; 32. Ancient city NW of Carthage; 36. Most red, maybe; 39. Firmly fixed; 58. Lure; 59. “Up to ___,” 1952 game show; 60. ___ Hunt, Tom Cruise’s character in “Mission: Impossible”; 63. Sénat vote; 64. God of shepherds; 65. Dials; 72. Hot cider server; 74. Seat for toddlers; 75. Time, in Torino; 80. Item for a mason; 81. Previous; 86. Wonderment; 96. Grow together; 97. Best to follow, as advice; 100. Attention getters; 101. It’s no good when it’s flat; 102. Hero; 124A. 1966 best seller set in Hong Kong; 125. See 126-Across; 126. Half a 125-Across year: Abbr.; 127. They might be crossed. — DOWN: 1. Alternative to gov; 2. Trillion: Prefix; 3. Word with French or U.S. 4. Olive genus; 6. ___ deux âges (middle-aged: Fr.); 7. John Wayne western, with “The”; 8. Toddler’s need; 9. Nickname for a seven-time N.B.A. All-Star; 10. Frau’s partner; 11. Billionaire’s home, maybe; 12. Halfhearted R.S.V.P.’s; 13. Letter-shaped support; 14. Bean; 15. German finale; 16. “Brave New World” drug; 18. Lit part; 22. Ashkenazi, for one; 24. Take in; 30. New Deal inits.; 32. They turn on hinges; 33. A goner; 35. Third-century year; 39. Bomb; 40. Suffix with drunk; 42. Kind of wave; 44. “___ the season ..”; 46. “Sleigh Ride” composer Anderson; 48. Enero starts it; 49. Times to remember; 50. Med. Land; 53. Cornelius who wrote “A Bridge Too Far”; 57D. As one; 62. Zip; 64. 101-Across, e.g.; 66. Alias initials; 68. Bit of homework; 69. Actress ___ Flynn Boyle; 70. Rub out; 71. Stimulating; 72. Gladly; 78. Anticipate; 79. Yucatán youth; 80. Howe’er; 82. “Treasure Island” inits.; 83. Words before any month’s name; 84. Fortune profilees, for short; 88. ___ bono (for whose benefit?: Lat.); 95. Kind of power, in math; 98. Outs; 101. One going into a drive; 103. Hall’s partner; 104. Santa ___; 105. Bugged; 106. They take vids; 109. Butcher’s trimmings; 110. Soulful Redding; 111. Slime; 112. Venezuela’s Chávez; 113. Colonial land: Abbr.; 115. Rose’s beau; 116. ___ Bay (Manhattan area); 117. Sp. Titles; 120. But: Lat. 121. Some evidence.

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