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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Puzzle by Scott Atkinson / Edited by Will Shortz

A crystal ball and a mojito make this an ideal Saturday crossword — the solver could use both!

Across 1. Network since 1998, BBC AMERICA; 11. A bummer for bums, WORK; 15. Like feats of Clay?, ORATORICAL; 16. Shakespeare’s “temple-haunting martlet” is a good one, OMEN; 17. Unclaimed stretch, NO MAN’S LAND; 18. Champion cyclist Leipheimer, LEVI; 19. Suffix with 43-Across, ITE; 20. View from Presque Isle, ERIE; 21. Be like a bee, FLIT; 22. Beats badly, THUMPS; 26. “The Man Who Knew Too Much” co-star, EDNA BEST; 28. Seattle sea hawks, OSPREYS; 30. 1979 negotiation, SALT II; 31. Beachgoer’s protection, SUN HAT; 34. Drop a line to?, HIT ON; 35. Protruding rock, SCAR; 38. “War With the Newts” novelist, 1936, CAPEK; 40. Singer/songwriter Vienna TENG; 41. Items often done in gold leaf, HALOS; 43. What a crystal ball gazer sees, QUARTZ; 45. Source of “coffee” and “cotton”, ARABIC; 47. With reckless abandon, LIKE MAD; 51. Security office array, MONITORS; 54. Took pains, STROVE; 55. Not be haphazard, PLAN; 56. Be stuck (on), DOTE; 58. “JOS Boys” (1886 sequel); 59. Mr. Universe contestants’ needs, OILS; 60. Cooler in the summer, ITALIAN ICE; 64. Japanese folk music with a swing feel, ONDO; 65. Really lousy idea, NON-STARTER; 66. Roger’s predecessor as 007, SEAN; 67. “Holy mackerel!”, GREAT SCOTT.

Down — 1. Mackerel family member, BONITO; 2. Matzo balls soak them up, BROTHS; 3. Was mentioned, CAME UP; 4. Loss leader?, ATA; 5. When “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” aired: Abbr., MON; 6D. Defib settings, ERS; 7. Nettle, RILE; 8. Supporting statement, I CARE; 9. Jackal, e.g., CANID; 10. “The Courtship of Miles Standish” couple, ALDENS; 11. Emmy-winning U.S. journalist born in Germany, WOLF BLITZER; 12. It often includes ham, OMELETTE; 13. Editor’s request, REVISION; 14. Madame Defarge’s sinister craft, KNITTING; 23. Here’s to you” recipient, MRS ROBINSON; 24. It means little in Lisette, PEU; 25. Short agreement?, SYNC; 27. “That’s nice”, AAH; 29. Center in size 22 shoes, SHAQ; 32. “The APU Trilogy” (1955-59 film series); 33. Relative of turquoise, TEAL; 35. Some body enhancers, SHAMPOOS; 36. Camelot girl, CAROLINE; 37. “The Aviator” Oscar nominee, ALAN ALDA; 39. TV “angel” Munroe, KRIS; 42. Portraitist’s request, SIT; 44. It gets you in the house: Abbr., TKT; 46. DNA’s function, CODING; 48. Highball with white rum, MOJITO; 49. Pied wader, AVOCET; 50. Prickly pear’s place, DESERT; 52. Apache topper, ROTOR; 53. STANE Street (road from London Bridge to Chichester); 57. Supermodel Benitez, ELSA; 61. TV’s Cousin ITT; 62. Some remote power sources, AAS; 63. Org. concerned with radiation, NRC.


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