04.04.11 — Anatomy of a Monday


Monday, April 4, 2011

Puzzle by Lynn Lempel / Edited by Will Shortz

Anatomical rhymes, BRAIN DRAIN (17A. Mass exodus of expertise), BACKPACK (25A. Hiker’s carryall), HANDSTAND (37A. Upside-down maneuver), HAIR CARE (53A. Salon work) and HEART SMART (63A. Recommended by cardiologists), are the interrelated group of this well-built Monday crossword.

Other — ASHAMED (40D. Conscience-stricken), BANSHEE (25D. Gaelic spirit whose wailing portends death), BRAIDED (3D. In cornrows), CONFABS (11D. Chatty discussions), CUTICLE (12D. Manicurist’s target), EARLY ON (2D. Toward the beginning), HEISMAN (42D. Trophy for a great college gridder), IRON AGE (45D. When bronze was supplanted in tool making), LONG RUN (46D. Period extending well into the future), SWAHILI and ENG (41D. Language of Kenya; 62D. Language of Kenya: Abbr.), TRINKET (13D. Doodad).

Mid-size — AKRON, ARABLE, ASHES, ASPCA, CLONE (55A. Biological duplicate), DANES, ESTEE, EVITA, LIKE SO, LIMAS, ONSET, OUTING, PANDA (26D. “Bear“ that‘s not really a bear), REESE, RYDER, SACHET, SENECA (9D. Iroquois tribe for which one of the Finger Lakes is named), SHEER, SPIKE, SWEEPS, TEEMS, VERVE.

Short stuff — AARP, ACCT, ACE and ATE, ACTS, AERO, AGUA, AHS, AILS, ANY, ASA, DAB, DEBS, DING, DVDS, ELAN, ENDS, ENYA, FIN, IONS, KIN, NERO, NRA, OKRA, OREM (59D. City near Provo), RODS, ROE and RTE, SEE, SEND, SHUN and STUN, SOUR, TAD, TEA, TOE, UTES (60D. Tribe once in the Provo area).


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. U.S. labor leader Eugene; 5. Hamlet and Ophelia, by nationality; 10. Bank no.; 14. Lobbying org. for seniors; 15. Pep; 16. Like unripe apples; 19. Opposed; 20. “In just this way”; 21. Lipton drink; 23. Park of a shark seen above the water; 24. Golf’s ___ Cup; 27. Sock part; 28. Gumbo vegetable; 31. Good for farming; 32. Discontinues; 34. Charged particles; 36. Beginning; 40. Fireplace residue; 43. Avoid; 44. Feels lousy; 48. Wins every game in a series; 50. One-named Irish Grammy winner; 52. ___ v. Wade; 55. Top-notch; 59. Pleasant excursion; 61. Performer who doesn’t say a word; 66. Distinctive style; 67. Cosmetician Lauder; 68. Water, in Juarez; 69. Tiny bell sound; 70. Swarms (with); 71. Transmit. — DOWN: 1. Smidgen; 4. Really high heel; 5. VHS tape displacers; 6. Aviation-related prefix; 7. Org. that sticks to its guns?; 8. Argentina-based musical; 10. Quick ___ flash; 18. Tyrannical Roman emperor; 22. Ohio tire city; 24. Road no. 29. Relatives; 30. Curtain hangers; 33. See-through; 35. Stupefy; 38. Org. that runs shelters for dogs and cats; 39. Unspecified number; 47. Visualize; 49. Scented bag in a dresser drawer; 51. Is in a play; 54. Pee Wee who befriended Jackie Robinson; 56. Some beans, informally; 64. Gobbled down; 65. Small amount.

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