04.07.11 — THE

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Puzzle by Henry Hook / Edited by Will Shortz

The phrase “with “The’” is a common notation in a crossword clue to indicate that the definitive article won’t appear in the answer — this Wednesday crossword the THE is to be added to THE-less answers of [The]IR FINEST HOUR (19A. Churchill subject with “The”), [The]RE’S A SMALL HOTEL (30A. Rodgers and Hart song, with “The”), [The]Y MIGHT BE GIANTS (36A. George C. Scott movie with a rock band namesake, with “The”) and [The]LMA AND LOUISE (48A. Hit movie of 1991, with “The”). Cute, clumsy and confusing; however, there's plenty to chew on in the rest of the crossword.

Mid-size — ALERS, AGONY, End of AN ERA, ASNER, ASWIRL, BASIC, EDITS, GESSO, HIT IT (24D. “Let‘s go!”), LIONS (45D. They have their pride), MEDICS, ODILE (29A. “Swan Lake“ role), OH SAY (29D. Key’s opener), OREOS (8D. Topic of Weird Al Yankovic‘s “The White Stuff“), REMUS, RUTHS, SACHS, SPARE (27A. Success on a second attempt, of a sort), STAFF.

Short stuff — ANON, ASP, ASST, BAS, Pousse-CAFÉ (multicolored drink), CHOO, DER, DYES, EGON, FLAG, FUBU (44D. Clothing company since 1992), ICE, ILO, LAIN, LOTI, Running MATE, MYRA, NIT, ONTO, OPIE, PSST, RIO, RSTU, SHAW, SIRE, SOD, SRO, TYRA, WELL (26A. Utterance from Reagan mimics).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Undergrad degs.; 4. Source of venom; 17. Longshoreman’s venue; 18. Try again?; 22. Changes the locks?; 23. Bernard formerly of CNN; 34. Triage site workers; 35. Eddying; 40. ___ Chris Steak House; 41. Anguish; 42. Paralegal, for example: Abbr.; 43. When repeated, a train sound; 44. Tire; 52. Revolver, e.g.; 57. Synchronizes; 59. “That Night in “___” (1941 film); 60. Full house indicator. — DOWN: 1. Computer language from 1964; 3. Scepter; 4. Like most proverbs, for short; 5. Term for a crown; 9. Queue after Q; 12. Minor criticism; 13. Lemieux mileu; 15. Mayberry moppet; 20. Banks on a Sports Illustrated cover; 25. Jays ad Rays; 26. Utterance from Reagan mimics; 27. Goldman partner; 28. It may precede a tip; 30. Harris’s uncle; 31. Takes out of context?; 33. Reposed; 34. Name in a Gore Vidal title; 38. Painter Schiele; 46. Actor who played himself in 1988’s “Moon Over Parador”; 47. Bas-relief material; 50. Pierre who wrote “Pêcheur d’Islande”; 51. Words after catch or hang; 52. Ground cover; 53. U.N. workers’ grp.; 54. Aachen article.

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Joe Krozel said...

Ha! I recognize the "The" in the picture as belonging to The The. Nicely conjured up.