04.29.11 — Friday Kerfuffle

Friday, April 29, 2011

Puzzle by David Quarfoot / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. TV star who wrote the novel “A Shore Thing,” informally, SNOOKI; 7. Bass alternative, SAM ADAMS; 15. Diversion also called MathDoku, KEN-KEN; 16. Common economic indicator, TRADE GAP; 17. Start of many a bumper sticker, I HEART; 18. Movie format of old, CINERAMA; 19. Devoutly wish a drought to end, PRAY FOR RAIN; 21. Tell, RAT; 22. Totality, SUM; 23. Civil War side, UNION; 24. Puma, e.g., FELINE; 26. Fellow, CHAP; 30. Its flag features a grizzly bear: Abbr., CALIF; 36. Ancient, AGE OLD; 38. 38. Game in which all pieces have four components, TETRIS; 39. Hotel amenity, SHOWER CAP; 43. Quite a spread, FEAST; 44. Capital near 10-Down, SANA; 45. XANADU 2.0, Bill Gates’s house; 47. Sound, VALID; 48. Green grp.?, PGA; 51. Actress Hagen, UTA; 54. It may be assumed, THE POSITION; 57. Kind of mortgage, SUBPRIME; 59. Eclipse viewing locale?, CAR LOT; 60. Some recessions, EBB TIDES; 61. Indolent, OTIOSE; 62. One making a bust, maybe, DEA AGENT; 63. Got a little dirty, in a way, SEXTED.

Down — 1. Record problems, SKIPS; 2. P.M. who was father of another P.M., NEHRU; 3. What the ringing of two bells might signal on a ship, ONE AM; 4. Sound, OKAY; 5. Tizzy, KERFUFFLE; 6. Utter, INTONE; 7. Popular tropical destination, ST CROIX; 8. Big name in the blogosphere, ARIANNA; 9. Salon job, for short, MANI; 10. Former capital near 44-Across, ADEN; 11. Article abroad, DER; 12. Culture medium, AGAR; 13. With 30-Down, “Dream a Little Dream of Me” singer, MAMA; 14. Scrap, SPAT; 20. Get to, RILE; 25. Health care inits., EMT; 26. Sheep shelter, COTE; 27. Wedding ring?, HORA; 28. Pals around in Paris?, AMIS; 29. Secret indicator, PSST; 30. See 13-Down, CASS; 31. Old Turkish title, AGHA; 32. Provincial capital NW of Madrid, LEON; 33. Where I-80 crosses I-35, IOWA; 35. 2010 coinage meaning “to reject”, REFUDIATE; 37. Bogart’s only horror film title role, 1939, DR X; 40. Troglodytes, CAVEMEN; 41. “Au revoir,” for example, ANAPEST; 42. Alto preceder, PALO; 46. Popular hangouts in the late ‘70s, DISCOS; 48. Stove light, PILOT; 49. Silly sort, GOOSE; 50. Put up, ANTED; 51. Drew on, USED; 52. Hose, e.g., TUBE; 53. Group whose name combines the first letters of its members’ names, ABBA; 54. Palin boy, TRIG; 55. Skin, HIDE; 56. General Mills offering, TRIX; 58. Child support, briefly, PTA.


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