04.05.11 — RAIN


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Puzzle by E. J. Masicampo / Edited by Will Shortz

NIMBUS / CLOUDS (1. With 7-Across, sources of the circles words), RAIN, RAIN, RAIN and RAIN in circles and PITTER / PATTER (63. With 64-Across, sound of the circled words) are the interrelated group of this fine Tuesday crossword. Providing the RAIN are STRAINERS (6D. Spaghetti makers’ implements), UKRAINIAN (10D. Like the Chernobyl nuclear power plant), BRAINIEST (31D. Like the class valedictorian, perhaps) and TRAIN STOP (33D. “All aboard!” place).

Other — ADORNER, CREEP UP, HAZIEST (13A. Least clear), HIRSUTE, FERTILIZER (32A. Yield booster), NBA ALL-STAR (40A. Court V.I.P.), ORANGES (62A. Ones getting squeezed before breakfast?), OVER-RAN (17A. Infested), RANKING, RETABLE, TIRADES (59A. Angry lectures), WARRIOR.

Mid-size — ALEVE, ARARAT (45D. Biblical landfall), BENDER, CROSS (7D. Shape on an altar), DIRAC (11D. 1933 Physics Nobelist Paul), FIERCE, JADED, MIRES, REFOLDS, SCRIP, SERIES, SLANT, SNARK (12D. Lewis Carroll creature), TAPER, TONERS, UTERI.

Short stuff — AARP, ACH, ACT I (51A. When Caesar is told to beware), APSE (19A. Church recess), ARAB, CATS, CUTE, DAWN, DDS, DRAB, EDGE, ELMO (35D. Patron saint of sailors), ESS, FEN (29A. Bog), GNP, HAJ, IED, ILES, IRA, NADA, NAME, ONE, PEER, PELT (24D. What hailstones do), PUT, REED (36D. Plant in a bog), RENE, Costa RICA, ROD, SARA, SUNS, TROT, USE, VEER, Z-BAR.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 14. Position in a college sports poll; 16. Decorator; 18. Having a “Ho-hum, I’ve seen that already” attitude; 21. 50+ org.; 22. “The Office” or “House”; 24. Item for a guitarist or a prospector; 25. One whose work is filling?: Abbr.; 28. Painter Magritte; 30. Part of U.A.E.; 37. Golden State athlete; 39. Postpone again; 42. Specify; 43. Roadside bomb, for short; 46. Angler’s need; 47. Lies on the beach; 49. Photocopying supplies; 52. Jazz devotees; 53. Advil alternative; 57. Rise gradually; 61. Hairy. — DOWN: 1. Zippo; 2. Polo alternative; 3. Bogs down; 4. Drinking spree; 5. Try to profit from; 8. Bathe; 9. Washington bill; 13. Leon Uris novel, with “The”; 15. Econ. Figure; 20. Use binoculars, say; 23. Neaten, as shirts at a men’s store; 25. Sunup; 26. Lackluster; 27. “___ Smile,” first hit for Hall & Oates; 29. Savage; 34. Letter-shaped beam; 38. Réunion and others; 41. Bring (out); 47. Money substitute; 48. Wombs; 49. Narrow; 50. Point of view; 51. Essen exclamation; 52. Like a baby with dimples, say; 54. Upper hand; 55. Shift direction; 56. Skier’s turn; 58. Place; 60. $$$ set aside for later years.

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