04.17.11 — Recital — Puns and Anagrams

Piccadilly Circus bei Nacht by George Hyde Pownall, 1910

Sunday, April 17, 2011

PUNS AND ANAGRAMS, Puzzle by Mel Taub / Edited by Will Shortz

AcrossWhere the show begins at three, THEATRE, anagram of at three; 8. View of S. C. primate, SCAPE, S.C. ape; 13. Supports during crush, etc., CRUTCHES, anagram of crush, etc.; 14. Plotters against Asa, 50 B.C., CABALS, anagram Asa, 50 (L) B. C.; 16. Breathalyzer?, HIGH TEST, pun; 17. In morning you allow for charm, AMULET, in the A. M., you (U) let; 18. Get back in gear, REGAIN, anagram of in gear; It follows hemo, HEMP, alphabetically in dictionary; 21. OVA eating (gorging at Roman breakfast), pun; 22. Indo-European deity, ODIN, anagram of Indo; 23. Neapolitan leader, NEAP; 24. Nothing hurt him, OMAR, nothing (0) mar; 25. Fellow from 56-Down, MOE, anagram of OME; 26. Where thieves store their rials, LAIRS, anagram of rials; 28. What speakers are to do, ORATE, anagram of are to; 29. Following gunnies, ENSUING, anagram of gunnies; 31. ’50s bride was quite rude, ILL-BRED, anagram of LL (50) and bride; 33. Thunday Thelebration, MATH, lisp; 34. Mostly under-dressed, NUDE, anagram of under without the r; 35. Sift art, initially, AT FIRST, anagram of sift art; 38. Ignoring Gil and Enid, ELIDING, anagram of Gil Enid; 42. Weapons a slob might use with gauchos, BOLAS, anagram of a slob; 43. A politician uses one in a debate, ISSUE, anagram of one (1) uses; 45. Kind of gin, MAR, margin; 46. Something to read on Obama’s dog, all right?, BOOK, combination of the name of Obama’s dog Bo and OK; 47. Pres. Obama can’t win ’em over, REPS, anagram of Pres.; 48. It’s a wife of Rama, SITA, anagram of It’s a; 49. Brew the wrong way, ELA, ALE backwards; 50. Ali’s flame, LISA, anagram of Ali’s; 51. Tea spice is putrefactive, SEPTIC, anagram of T and spice; 53. What the S.A. adolescent may wear, SATEEN, combination of S.A. and teen; 55. Meeting for Col. Vance, CONCLAVE, anagram of Col. Vance; 57. Units of stereos having nothing removed, STERES, the o is removed from stereos; 58. Places where oil is master, i.e., EMIRATES, anagram of master, i.e.; 59. Get rid of a seer, ERASE, anagram of a seer; 60. Has an agent pick up steed, DEPUTES, anagram of up steed.

Down — 1. Slipped into red dress, say, TRIED ON, anagram of into red; 2. I gush, e.g., over diapers, HUGGIES, anagram of I gush, e.g.; 3. Name for a thane, ETHAN, anagram of thane; 4. A critic might rate it a C, ACT I, anagram of it a C; 5. What makes Lear learn?, THEN, the N; 6. Kind of pond, RES, respond; 7. There’s part of the Old Testament about her, ESTHER, anagram Tes and her; 8. Head of state before 9-Down, SCAMP, initial letter S and CAMP; 9. Where to see a military cop, CAMP, combination of see (C), a and cop (M.P.); 10. Disney monkey seen in cocoa butter, ABU, a and bu; 11. A California mountain or a lamp, PALOMAR, anagram of or a lamp; 12. Leave E.T. to move up, ELEVATE, anagram of Leave E.T.; 13. At car dealer, what did Homer see?, CHROME, anagram of see (C) and Homer; 15. Looked hard at trades, STARED, anagram of trades; 20. This is a sense of comfort, EASINESS, anagram of is a sense; 23. Close connections to sleepwear, NIGHTIES, combination of nigh and ties; 24. Bored with circular, ORBED, anagram of bored; 26. They deceive Sir Al, LIARS, anagram of Sir Al; 28. Classic song that led 1-0, OLDIE, anagram of led 1-0; 30. Boat arrives at U.K. 1 a.m., UMIAK, anagram of U.K. 1 a.m.; 32. Doozy that Lou repeated, LULU; 35. Big sister, ABBESS; 36. A tootle after the fact, TOO LATE; 37. It’s not fixed to the left oar, FLOATER, anagram of left oar; 39. A time it takes to copy, IMITATE, anagram of a time it; 40. Vainest inhabitants, NATIVES, anagram of Vainest; 41. Gr. Experts on mythical sisters, GRACES, combination of Gr. and aces (experts); 44. D i t s y, SPACED, ditsy with spaces between letters; 47. Erin’s next step after lather, RINSE, anagram of Erin’s; 48. Sound of Al’s tepee falling over, SPLAT, anagram of T, P and Al’s; 50. Dregs of famous Virginians, LEES, the family of Robert E. Lee; 51. Screws up, SNIP, pins reading upward; 52. Cure for shade, ECRU, anagram of cure; 54. Stat that pitchers are concerned about, ERA, anagram of are; 56. Where the ‘eart is,OME.


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