04.14.11 — Umbrellas

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Puzzle by Pete Muller / Edited by Will Shortz

UMBRELLA spelled out in circled letters arranged as a connect-the-dot “umbrella”, TRAVELER’S LOGO, SHADE PROVIDER, GENE KELLY PROP and HIT FOR RIHANNA constitutes the interrelated group of this fine Thursday crossword. The clues for the four entries are [    ]. The crossword is accompanied by the note: Four answers in this puzzle are missing the same eight-letter clue—a single word that can be spelled from the eight circled letters. When the puzzle is done, connect the circled letters in order with a line, and you will get an outline of the object the word names.

Other — A TASTE (10D. Just enough to whet one’s appetite), ATONES, BY A NOSE (43D. Barely), DAY-TO-DAY, DRIVER, ELOPED and GO FREE (45D. Said “I do” without the to-do; 44D. Get unhitched), IT’S ON ME, LEAD-INS, LLANOS (46D. Grassy plains), PARLOR, REEL IN, STERNER, TAP DANCE (40D. Temple performance), UNSOLD.

Five-letter — ANTED, APISH, ARIEL, BANTU (43A. Language from which “gumbo“ comes), EERIE, ELTON, HALOS, HENRI (34D. Painter Matisse), ILION (12D. Classical name of Troy), IPODS, ISLAM, LAMAR, MY EYE (18A. “No way!”), NISAN, O’NEAL, ORECK, RADON, R AND R, RANEE, REUPS, SADAT, SAMMS, SCALE, SIEGE, STUNT double, TALIA, THARP (25D. “Movin‘ Out“ choreographer), UHURA, USURP, Ravel’s “La VALSE“.

Short stuff — AERO, ALI, AMP, ARCS, ARMY, DILL, DVDS, EAR, EBON, ERE, HER, HORN, I BET (54A. “Yeah, sure”), IDI, ILLE, ISM, LEE and LEN, MPS, MTNS, ODE, PAY now, RADO (33A. Pricey Swiss watch brand), RAIN (16A. Reason for a delay, perhaps), REAM, SNEE, TELE, VALE (7D. A river might run through it).


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Devices seen around docks; 6. Output of some pirates; 10. Imitative; 15. 1978 Nobel Prize sharer; 17. Shire of “The Godfather”; 19. “Winnie ___ Pu”; 20. One of the Durants who wrote “The Story of Civilization”; 21. [ ]; 24. “Put you wallet away, I’ve got this one”; 27. Makes up (for); 28. [ ]; 32. Politico Alexander; 34. ___ Majesty; 37. Legion; 38. Bring onto a boat, say; 40. Commercial prefix with dyne; 41. U.K. election winners; 42. Some trajectories; 44. [ ]; 48. Still on the shelf; 51. Introductions; 52. [ ]; 56. Grab; 57. Black as night; 58. Either co-star of “Paper Moon”; 62. Queen’s title; 63. Saab model; 64. Common bathroom sight; 65. Threw in one’s two cents, say; 66. Where chamois and snow leopards live: Abbr.; 67. Beyond unusual. — DOWN: 1. Creed; 3. Literary tribute; 6. Golf bag item; 8. Gravlax ingredient; 9. Old blade; 11. Pizza place; 13. Tactic for Napoleon; 14. Nickname for the Anaheim Angels; 22. Increase, with “up”; 23. Concern for many a homeowner; 24. Wahhabi’s belief; 26. Soap star Emma; 29. David of informercials; 31. Dictator Amin; 35. John in England; 36. Returns to service; 38. Service break; 39. ‘Fore; 47. Author Deighton; 48. “Star Trek” role; 49. Passover month; 53. Berate, with “out”; 55. Part of Africa; 59. Attention; 60. Clay, transformed; 61. Spike in a director’s chair.

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