04.18.11 — Tennis Anyone?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Puzzle by James Tuttle / Edited by Will Shortz

Increments of tennis scoring, LOVE, FIFTEEN, THIRTY, FORTY, ending with GAME SET MATCH (57A. Tennis winner’s declaration) constitutes the interrelated group of this sporty Monday crossword — the scoring is found in LOVE TRIANGLE (20A. Tricky romantic relationship), FIFTEEN MILES (28A. Distance on the Erie Canal, in song), THIRTY-SOMETHING (38A. One approaching middle age) and FORTY THIEVES (46A. “Arabian Nights” band).

Other — BLONDE (8D. Marilyn Monroe, e.g., hairwise), DIPLOMAT (9D. Worker at the United Nations), HYENAS (48D. “Laughing” animals), “I’ll do it MYSELF”, SEATED (50D. Ushered), TOY MAKER (40D. Hasbro or Fisher-Price).

Five-letter — ALEVE, ARTOO, ASCII, “It’s A SIGN of the times”, ATARI, CREAK (61A. Sound of an unsound floor), DOJOS, ECOLI (31D. Rod-shaped bacteria), ELCID, GONER, IDEAS, IDIOT, I HOPE you’re satisfied now!”, LEAST, LITRE, PITTS, SCRIM, SEINE, SILLS, STAFF, STELA, THANE, THROE.

Short stuff — ALGA, ARGO, Stratford-upon-AVON, CIG, DEN, DIME, DUO, ECOL, ELM, ENV, EON, ERIN, ESA, FEE, FRY, GAPE, GUN, IDLY, ISH, JET, LAN, LIES, MAE and MAY, NICE, OAT, ODIE, ROC (36A. “Arabian Nights“ bird), RHO, ROT, SALT, SIAM, SIVA (58D. One of the Hindu trinity), SSS, STAB and STAR, STL, TAI and TAM, TARA, TELL, TENT, TOS, TERI.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Thailand, once; 5. Attack with a knife; 9. Karate schools; 14. How doodles are usually drawn; 15. Inform; 16. Creative thoughts; 17. Prevarications; 18. Jason’s ship, in myth; 19. English P.M. William and others; 23. Inscribed pillar; 24. Batman and Robin, e.g.; 25. Spanish “:that”; 33. Cardinals’ home: Abbr.; 37. Computer data acronym; 43 ___-Detoo (“Star Wars” droid); 44. PC linkup; 45. Room with a mounted deer’s head, maybe; 51. Finder’s charge; 52. Kentucky Derby month; 53. Minimum; 64. Well-mannered; 65. “Gone With the Wind” plantation; 68. Leprechaun’s land; 69. Dead duck; 70. NaCl; 71. Coin with a torch on the back. — DOWN: 1. Places to cool pies; 2. Dodo; 3. Excedrin alternative; 5. The sun, e.g.; 6. Actress Hatcher; 7. Bit of plankton; 10. “Garfield” dog; 11. Boeing 757, e.g.; 12. Muesli ingredient; 13. Draft org.; 21. ___ chi (martial art); 22. Item in a holster; 25. Conqueror of Valencia in 1094; 26. Paris divider; 29. Cook, as onion rings; 30. How-___ (books for handy types); 32. Kind of: Suffix; 33. Personnel; 34. Pang; 35. Petrol measure; 39. Decompose; 41. Fannie ___; 42. Card holder: Abbr.; 47. Scottish cap; 49. Tree with seeds that whirl like helicopter blades; 54. Classic name in arcades; 55. Theater backdrop; 56. Feudal baron; 57. Display awe; 59. Environmental subj.; 60. Camper’s shelter; 61. Item bummed from a pack; 62. Letter before sigma; 63. Years and years and years.

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