04.16.11 — Silent Saturday

Chaplin vs. Keaton illustration by Damian Blake


Saturday, April 16, 2011 — Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd Birthday,
Google celebrates Charlie Chaplin’s birthday with an animated doodle, HERE.

Puzzle by Robert H. Wolfe / Edited by Will Shortz

Six 15-letter entries, three across and three down, constitutes the main feature of this sweet Saturday crossword. Wordplay, the house organ of The New York Times, reviewing itself: “A pretty good outing for a Saturday”. The Fiend awards three stars and Rex quoth “…despite the occasional minor clunker, and the relative lack of a challenge, I really enjoyed this one.” I have a friend who was amazed that crossword puzzles are actually reviewed, but then again, some reviews are well... HERE. I won’t say another word!

Across — 1. Statement of resignation, ALAS; 5. Slave-making ants steal them, PUPAE; 10. 507s of the ‘50s, e.g., BMWS; 14. Marketable securities, CASH ASSETS; 16. Only hypothetical, MOOT; 17. “No way!”, THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE; 19. Headgear for medieval soldiers, ARMETS; 20. Foot massager?, POET; 21. Elvis’s “I’VE Lost You”; 22. AT A price; 23. Coverage provider named after a smoker, AETNA; 24. Was up, LED; 25. Inits. Associated with the old theme park Heritage USA, PTL; 26. TiVo or ReplayTV, DVR; 27. Rear’s rear?, ENDER; 29. Part of une phrase, MOT; 30. The Bionic Woman’s first name, JAIME; 32. Ben Jonson title woman, CELIA; 4. “Is this thing on?”, ARE YOU LISTENING; 37. They’re often pickled, OKRAS; 38. Side against, ANTIS; 39. Cell occupant, BEE; 40. Word with face or hand, POKER; 42. Ranch handle, TEX; 43. Educ. Higher-ups?, SRS; 44. Distinction, briefly, DIF; 45. Puerto Rico’s Museum City, PONCE; 47. Org. concerned with the correct approach, FAA; 48. Ruling official, REF; 49. One breaking new ground?, HOER; 50. Kids in Kilmarnock, BAIRNS; 53. “Guilty or not?”, WHAT’S THE VERDICT; 56. Stomach, HACK; 57. 1977 cult film with the tagline “Where your nightmares end …”, ERASERHEAD; 58. Anne Frank’s father, OTTO; 59. Part of a whispering campaign, RUMOR; 60. “The stroke of death IS AS a lover’s pinch”: Cleopatra.

Down — 1. Exitus ACTA probat (the end justifies the means); 2. Player of a big yellow cat, LAHR; 3. Actually, AS A MATTER OF FACT; 4. Where Yiddish was once spoken, SHTETL; 5. Fraternity characters, PSIS; 6. Lance cpl.’s grp., USM; 7. Zingy cupcake filling, PEPPERMINT CREAM; 8. On A TOOT (bingeing); 9. Certain Judean, ESSENE; 10. Performing rights org., BMI; 11. Novel ideas for rural areas?, MOBILE LIBRARIES; 12. 51-Down hoops champs of 1989, WOLVERINES; 13. Part of Paul Revere’s Boston statue, STEED; 15. 1930s film star with notable facial hair, ASTA; 18. Positions, STANCES; 23. 1954 A.L. batting champ Bobby ÁVILA; 25. Buster Keaton trademark, PORK PIE HAT; 25. Family tree abbr., DAU; 28. Remote spot?, DEN; 29. He married He, MAO; 3. Brooklyn’s St. JOSEPH’S College; 31. Name on Intuition perfume boxes, ESTEE; 33. Match.com datum, AGE; 35. Twaddle, YAK; 36. Things shown before shows, informally, TIX; 41. Noisy fan, ROOTER; 43. Didn’t just wave, SAID HI; 44. “Torchwood” was spun off from it, DR WHO; 46. Chief Indian, once, NEHRU; 47. “The Red Skelton Show” regular, FARR; 50. Lone Star, e.g., BEER; 51. See 12-Down, NCAA; 52. Regular set: Abbr., STDS; 54. Decision letters, TKO; 55. Brandy letters, VSO.


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