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Pleiades and Stardust

Dust is a very fragile thing. Light from a star will either push dust away or cause it to spiral into the star within a few thousand years, so to see a ton of it around another star means that something has happened recently to produce it. ~ www.bibliotecapleyades.net 


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Added Satisfaction, Puzzle by Dan Schoenholz
Edited by Will Shortz

This Sunday crossword titled Added Satisfaction features seven common phrases with the letters AH inserted to produce an uncommon phrase  AH here being the presumed sound of satisfaction.

AFTER ALLAH (26A. Where most things rank in importance to a Muslim?)
JUST SAY NOAH (42A. Webster’s directive to the overly formal?)
HOOKAH LINE AND SINKER (62A. Equipment list for a hashish-smoking fisherman?)
LEFT BAHRAIN (86A. Departed from Manama, maybe?)
AUNTIE AHEM (102A. Niece’s polite interruption?)
SARAHA SMILE (25D. Welcome look from a Bedouin?)
HEAD TO TAHOE (52D. What many Bay Area skiers do on winter weekends?)

Other — ENCHILADA (8D. “Whole” thing), ENOLA GAY (81D. Historic exhibit at Washington Dulles airport), FEAST UPON (24A. Eat heartily), FIRE SALES (91A. “Everything must go” event), HOT DATES (52A. Exciting matches?), IMPEACHES (32A. Casts doubt on), JOE CAMEL (11D. Old ad figure with a big nose), LARKSPURS (50D. Often-blue garden blooms), ON THE EDGE (109A. Caustic), OVER-RATE (72D. Extends too much credit?), STARDUST (5D. Space specks), STUD POKER (35D. Game for those who don’t like to draw), THE BEAST (83D. Beauty’s counterpart), UPHOLSTER (92A. Cover, in a way).


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