08.30.13 — Egeria, etc.

Egeria mourns Numa (1669) by Claude Lorrain

Egeria (Latin: Ēgeria) was a nymph attributed a legendary role in the early history of Rome as a divine consort and counselor of the Sabine second king of Rome, Numa Pompilius, to whom she imparted laws and rituals pertaining to ancient Roman religion. Her name is used as an eponym for a female advisor or counselor. ~ Wikipedia


Friday, August 30, 2013

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Six fifteen-letter across answers constitute the main feature of this fairly friendly Friday crossword:

MICHELE BACHMANN (1A. First female candidate to win the Ames Straw Poll)
THE LATE LATE SHOW (17A. It airs in the morning, ironically)
HUEVOS RANCHEROS (57A. Alternative to a breakfast burrito)
URBAN DICTIONARY (61A. Big source for modern slang)
PEER ASSESSMENTS (62A. Some critical comments from co-workers)

Other across — 18. Case builders: Abbr., ATTS; 19. Copy from a CD, RIP; 20. Understood, SEEN; 21. Show featuring special agents, NCIS; 22. Red Cloud, e.g., SIOUX; 24. Player of the bad teacher in “Bad Teacher”, DIAZ; 26. Rear, CAN; 27. Possible rank indicator, EPAULET; 29. Overseas relig. Title, STE; 30. Big name in car monitors, ONSTAR; 32. Beat it, SCRAMMED; 34. “Keep dreaming!”, AS IF; 36. Word after a splat, OOPS; 37. Like some lovers’ hearts, AFLUTTER; 41. Strikes, XES OUT; 45. She may be fawning, DOE; 46. Colorful cover-ups, SERAPES; 48. Brandy letters, VSO; 49. Grilling test, ORAL; 51. Misses abroad: Abbr., SRTAS; 52. Newborn abroad, BEBE; 53. SVEN Hedin, discoverer of the Trans-Himalaya; 55. ARI Folman who directed the 2013 film “The Congress”; 56. Comcast Center hoopster, TERP.

Egeria or Aetheria (often called Sylvia) was a Gallaeci or Galician woman who made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land about 381–384. ~ Wikipedia

Down — 1. Yellowstone setting: Abbr., MST; 2. Odysseus, e.g., ITHACAN; 3. Dopes, CRETINS; 4. Knocks off, HALTS; 5. Control tower info, ETAS; 6. Re-serve judgment?, LET; 7. Female adviser, EGERIA; 8. Ill-humored, BILIOUS; 9. Norwegian Star port of call, ACAPULCO; 10. Old oscilloscope part, briefly, CRT; 11. Turns over in one’s plot?, HOES; 12. Was reflective, MUSED; 13. Its adherents are in disbelief, ATHEISM; 14. Formula one?, NEONATE; 15. Neighbor of Victoria: Abbr., NSW; 21. Top kick, for one: Abbr., NCO; 22. Puck and others, SPRITES; 23. Some exact likenesses, XEROXES; 27. Certain league divisions, EASTS; 28. Forerunners of discs, TAPES; 31. Kind of cross, TAU; 33. They may be returned with regrets: Abbr., MSS; 35. 458 Spider and F12 Berlinetta, FERRARIS; 37. Production, ADO; 38. Definitely, FOR SURE; 39. Give some space, say, LEAVE BE; 40. Grind, RAT RACE; 42. Stormed, OVER-RAN; 43. Modern mouse hole?, USB PORT; 44. Ring bearer, maybe, TOE; 47. Emulates Homer, PAINTS; 50. Actor LEVAR Burton; 52. Competitor of Lauren and Klein, BEENE; 54. Numerical prefix, NONA; 56. First name in footwear, THOM; 57. “Two, three, four” lead-in, HUP; 58. Org. with a clenched fist logo, SDS; 59. Org. created right after the cold war, CIS; 60. MS-DOS component: Abbr., SYS.


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