08.21.13 — Tan Lines


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Puzzle by Jonathan Gersch / Edited by Will Shortz

This wandering Wednesday crossword is more of a facile Friday.  TAN / LINES (61D. With 69-Across, beach markings … 14 of which are hidden vertically and horizontally elsewhere in this puzzle) is the intended main feature; however, it is just an overwrought afterthought — a word search to be done after completion of the puzzle — of little use, if any, to the actual solve.

Of interest — ADD-ONS and AND ON, INSTANTANEOUSLY (50A. Without delay), LONG U (“Cute” sound), NATANT (12D. Floating), SULTANATE OF OMAN (37A. Mideast monarchy), SURAL (35A. Relating to the calf), UNATTESTED (57A. Not corroborated), WAIT AND SEE (17A. Like a patient person’s attitude)


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