08.16.13 — Vacancy

Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”, 1960


Friday, August 16, 2013

Puzzle by Dana Motley / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — Fighting, AT WAR; 8. Amscray, FLEE; 10. They get taken easily, SAPS; 14. BURMA Road (W.W. II supply route); 15. Hospital bed feature, RAIL; 16. Nail, CLAW; 17. Circular side?, ONION RINGS; 19. Unisex name meaning “born again”, RENE; 20. Many a security point, DESK; 21. Straight, ON THE LEVEL; 23. Form of “sum”, EST; 24. Sound name, PUGET; 23. Tom EWELL who won a Tony for “The Seven Year Itch”; 26. Ones keeping on their toes?, BALLERINAS; 29. The City of a Hundred Spires, PRAGUE; 31. Triage determination, NEED; 32. Home of “NerdTV”, PBS; 35. Line of rulers, DYNASTS; 37. Big game plans?, SAFARIS; 39. Argument-ending letters QED; 40. Short distance, STEP; 42. Occasions for bulldogging, RODEOS; 43. Hot-and-cold menu item, PIE A LA MODE; 45. Mathematician GEORG Cantor who founded set theory; 48. Going without saying?, TACIT; 49. Aid in getting back on track, MAP; 52. Means of reducing worker fatigue, ERGONOMICS; 54. Kraft Nabisco Championship org., LPGA; 55. Color also known as endive blue, IRIS; 56. Classic Hitchcock set, BATES MOTEL; 58. Quiet place to fish, COVE; 59. Suffixes of 61-Across, ITES; 60. IRENE Rich of old films; 61. Contents of some ledges, ORES; 62. “TED’S Wedding” (“The Mary Tyler Moore Show” episode); 63. Occasioned, LED TO.

Burma Road

Down — Flat, e.g., ABODE; 2. Fixes flats?, TUNES; 3. Hospital patient’s wear, WRIST BAND; 4. See 5-Down, AMOK; 5. With 4-Down, lost control, RAN; 6. Feature of some western wear, FRINGE; 7. Pathfinder?, LANTERN; 8. Reagan was seen a lot in them, EIGHTIES; 9. Word after who, what or where, but rarely when, ELSE; 10. Things driven on construction sites, SCREWS; 11. Anti-inflammatory product, ALEVE; 12. Authorities might sit on one, PANEL; 13. Wonderful, SWELL; 18. Kind of wheel, ROULETTE; 22. One putting the pedal to the metal, LEAD-FOOT; 24. Summer symbol?, PLUS SIGN; 27. One of the Eastern elite, AGA; 28. Aviation safety statistic, NEAR MISS; 29. Straightaway, PDQ; 30. Manhattan choice, RYE; 32. Broken into on TV?, PRE-EMPTED; 33. Kind of lab, BIO; 34. Nemesis of some dodgers: Abbr., SSS; 36. Fellow chairperson?, SEAT MATE; 38. Use a 24-Down, ADD; 41. Like pigtails, PLAITED; 43. Talks tediously, PROSES; 44. Hacker’s achievement, ACCESS; 45. American company whose mascot has a Cockney accent, GEICO; 46. Diamond flaw, ERROR; 47. Diagonal rib of a vault, OGIVE; 50. One getting cuts, AGENT; 51. Early: Prefix, PALEO; 53. Exit lines?, OBIT; 54. Ethnologist’s interest, LORE; 57. 254,000 angstroms, MIL.


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