08.03.13 — The Saturday Crossword

His Master’s Voice by Francis James Barraud


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Puzzle by Brad Wilber and Doug Peterson
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — Bar fixture, SOT; 4. Person who might suit you well?, HABERDASHER; 15. Start of many a “Jeopardy!” response, WHO; 16. Transported, ON CLOUD NINE; 17. Org. with an Office of Water, EPA; 18. “Poor Little Fool” hitmaker, 1958, RICKY NELSON; 19. Danny ELFMAN who composed the theme music for “The Simpsons”; 21. Eponymous Dr. HANS Asperger; 22. Onetime Michael Jackson bodyguard, MR T; 23. Benders, TEARS; 24. Sight on a “Hee Haw” set, BALE; 25. Hindu god often depicted with a bow and arrow, KAMA; 26. A choli may be worn under this, SARI; 27. “Star Trek: T.N.G.” role, WORF; 28. Name on the cover of “Yosemite and the High Sierra”, ANSEL; 29. Verb suffix?, OSE; 30. Ancient scribe’s work surface, WAX TABLET; 32. Treadmill runners, maybe, PET MICE; 34. “Sex is an emotion in motion” speaker, MAE WEST; 37. Not reliable, HIT OR MISS; 39. Empire State tech school, RPI; 40. “Price GOETH before destruction”: Proverbs; 42. Be uncooperative, BALK; 43. Showroom window no., MSRP; 44. Discipline, AREA; 45. European hub, ORLY; 46. Show stoppers?, TIVOS; 47. Leipzig-to-Zurich dir., SSW; 48. Columnist GAIL Collins; 49. Was triumphant in the end, WON OUT; 50. Inventor’s undoing?, LIE DETECTOR; 53. Mineralogical appendage?, ITE; 54. Avatar setting, ON-LINE FORUM; 55. Base man, CUR; 56. Image on Utah’s state quarter, GOLDEN SPIKES; 57. Baker’s dozen for the Beatles, for short, EPS.

Down — 1. Tree also known as a sugar apple, SWEET SOP; 2. “You’ve got to be kidding!”, OH PLEASE; 3. Perfectly, TO A FARE-THE-WELL; 44. Wedding rings?, HORAS; 5. Have AN IN (be advantageously networked); 6. Secret attachment, for short, BCC; 7. South Bend neighbor, ELKHART; 8. Court group, ROYAL FAMILY; 9. Dominick who wrote “A Season in Purgatory”, DUNNE; 10. Some Snapple products, ADES; 11. Conan O’Brien’s employer from ‘88 to ‘91, SNL; 12. 1899 painting used to promote gramophones, HIS MASTER’S VOICE; 13. Massive, as a massif, ENORME; 14. National service, RENTAL; 20. Internal investigation, for short?,MRI; 24. Hybrid menswear, BOXER BRIEFS; 25. Grasped, KNEW; 27. Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum site, WACO; 28. Many are blonde, ALES; 30. Among, WITH; 31. Enjoy the moment, BASK; 33. Copier giant absorbed by the Kyocera Corporation, MITA; 35. Appear suddenly, SPROUT UP; 36. Track consultants, TIPSTERS; 38. Banana Republic defender, maybe, MALL COP; 40. Ersatz blazer, GAS LOG; 41. Speaker of Shakespeare’s “If music be the food of love, play on”, ORSINO; 43. Calculus calculation: Abbr., MIN; 45. Like some gruel, OATEN; 46. Pioneer in cool jazz, TORME; 48. Mapped item, GENE; 49. “Marjorie Morningstar” novelist, WOUK; 51. Got out of the way, DID; 52. Head of state?, TRI.


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