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Roc by Charles Maurice Detmold 1924
Plate from "The Arabian Nights", 'The Roc which fed its young on elephants',
 "The Second Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor”


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Puzzle by Josh Knapp / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. TV host who won a Best Comedy Album Grammy, JIMMY FALLON; 12. Vegan lunch option, informally, PBJ; 15. Cry used to pump up a crowd, ARE YOU READY; 16. Following, ALA; 17. Fortune, KING’S RANSOM; 18. Beast in a Marco Polo tale, ROC; 19. Old station name, ESSO; 20. Abbr. in a birth announcement, LBS; 21. Request in pool or beer pong, RERACK; 23. Hudson River school?, SHADS; 25. “Eww!”, ICK; 27. Soundtrack to many a bomb-defusing scene, TICKS; 28. Prizes given to good docs?, OSCARS; 31. “Kazaam” star, informally, SHAQ; 32. Crying need?, TISSUE; 36. A wedge might come out of it, PIE; 37. Beast hunted by Hemingway in “Green Hills of Africa”, KUDU; 38. Work set mostly in Cyprus, OTHELLO; 40. Herbal quaff, SAGE TEA; 42. Wilde wrote “De Profundis” in one, GAOL; 43. Lion runner, MAC; 46. Unlike a showboat, MODEST; 46. Rash application, ALOE; 47. Reception opening, A TOAST; 49. Hull sealer, PITCH; 51. 1-Across’s home, once: Abbr., SNL; 52. Resistance figure, OMEGA; 57. Like pickle juice, ACETIC; 59. Dated, SAW; 61. Many a donor, in brief, ALUM; 62. Go around, but not quite go in, RIM; 63. W.W. II defense, MAGINOT LINE; 56. Sun TZU; 67. Fall fallout, some believe, ORIGINAL SIN; 68. Short agreement, YEP; 69. Scorsese film before “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”, MEAN STREETS.

Down — 1. “The Two JAKES” (“Chinatown” sequel); 2. Like 1-Across, by descent, IRISH; 8. Quick set, MENSA; 4. “Oh no!”, MY GOD; 5. His, modern-style?, YO’S; 6. Roll up and bind, FURL; 7. Source of the word “alcohol”, ARABIC; 8. Glass protector, LENS CAP; 9. Velázquez’s “LAS Meninas”; 10. Repute, ODOR; 11. Orange and blue wearer, for short, NY MET; 12. It opens during the fall, PARACHUTE; 13. Some trade barriers, BLOCKADES; 14. Nada, JACK SQUAT; 24. Dangerous thing to sell, SOUL; 26. KRIS Humphries of the N.B.A.; 29. Southern site of an 1865 battle, SELMA; 30. Weak spots, SEAMS; 32. Wrap session?, TOGA PARTY; 33. Slant one’s words, in a way, ITALICIZE; 34. Picture with a lot of gunplay, SHOOT-‘EM-UP; 35. Game controller button, SELECT; 39. Cholesterol-lowering food, OATS; 41. First-choice, GO-TO; 44. Hand over (to), CONSIGN; 46. Self-titled debut album of 1991, ALANIS; 50. Sign at a game, HI MOM; 53. “Au Revoir, Les Enfants” writer/director, MALLE; 54. Sporty Lotus model, ELISE; 55. Put one’s foot down, in a way?, GUN IT; 56. Accord indicators, AMENS; 58. Protection, CARE; 60. “I WON’T tell”; 64. 1998 Angelina Jolie biopic, GIA; 65. 40-Across source, TAR.


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