08.19.13 — On a Roll

Monday, August 19, 2013

Puzzle by Jean O’Conor / Edited by Will Shortz

ON A / ROLL (62A. With 60-Across, doing great … or where to find 18-, 24-, 35-, 51- and 57-Across?), POPPY SEEDS (18A. Tiny bagel flavorers), SNAKE EYES (24A. Two in craps), HONOR STUDENT (35A. Ones getting all A’s), WALLPAPER (51A. Room decoration with a pattern) and CAMERA FILM (57A. Obsolescent Kodak product) constitute the interrelated group of this agreeable Monday crossword.

Tête de Méduse, by Peter Paul Rubens(1618)

Other — Happy AS A clam, DOG-EAR (Makeshift bookmark), EXIGENT (19D. Demanding immediate attention), “GEE whillikers!”, MEDUSA (2D. Gorgon with venomous locks), OR ELSE (63A. Ultimatum words), Captain KANGAROO, THE COW (43D. Moon jumper, in “Hey Diddle Diddle“, “There’s nothing TO IT”, TRAP DOOR (38D. Hidden exit), YAO Ming.


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