08.24.13 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Puzzle by Frederick J. Healy / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Start of a phobia?, XENO; 5. All the best?, A-LIST; 10. Five-time U.S. Open winner, GRAF; 14. Immensely, A TON; 15. Leisurely, LENTO; 16. Sign of virtue, HALO; 17. Malted alternatives, CHOCOLATE SHAKES; 20. Be ruthless, TAKE NO PRISONERS; 21. Run-ONS; 22. Pair of word processors?, CUT AND PASTE; 23. Instinctive reaction, GUT; 24. Verbal gem, MOT; 25. Bygone country name or its currency, ZAIRE; 28. Safe to push off, SEAWORTHY; 34. It springs from Monte Falterona, ARNO; 35. Brush off, SPURN; 36. Place for tiger woods?, ASIA; 37. Get going, KICK START; 39. Not at all sharp, maybe, ON KEY; 40. A shot, PER; 41. Plant production: Abbr., MFG; 42. “Go figure!”, IMAGINE THAT; 48. One of the muskrats in the 1976 hit “Muskrat Love”, SAM; 51. Play savior, COME TO THE RESCUE; 53. Dual diner dish, APPLE PIE A LA MODE; 54. Stickler’s citation, RULE; 55. “Or else A RUDE despiser of good manners”: Shak.; Newton, e.g., UNIT; 57. Event with body cords, EPEE; 58. Not at all sharp, DENSE; 59. Lands, GETS.

Down — 1. Brand of blades, XACTO; 2. Brand of literature, ETHAN; 3. Where seekers may find hiders, NOOKS; 4. Almost never, ONCE; 5. Go-for-broke, ALL OUT; 6. Proceeded precipitately, LEAPT; 7. IV component, INTRA; 8. Chain of off-price department stores, STEIN MART; 9. Guzzle, TOSS DOWN; 10. Home of the world’s largest artificial lake, GHANA; 11. Ground crew gear?, RAKES; 12. Like prairie dogs, notably, ALERT; 13. “Pippin” Tony winner, FOSSE; 18. As if scripted, ON CUE; 19. “Get the lead out!”, HOP TO; 23. Get inside and out, GROK; 25. Director/screenwriter Penn, ZAK; 26. “Exodus” character, ARI; 27. Magazine with an annual “500/5000” conference, INC; 28. Likely result of excess 17- and 53-Across, SPARE TIRE; 29. Prefix with 36-Across, EUR; 30. Seemed to be, RANG; 31. Big of chiding, TSK; 32. Not daily, HIE; 33. “That’s fantastic news!”, YAY; 35. One bound to hold notes?, STENO PAD; 38. Venom, SPITE; 39. Spot OF TEA; 41. Actress MARLEE Matlin; 42. Words of support, I CARE; 43. Do the final details on, MOP UP; 44. Not coming up short, AMPLE; 45. Frost, to François, GLEE; 46. Human Development Report publisher, in brief, THE UN; 47. About 50% of calls, HEADS; 48. Turnover alternative, SCONE; 49. Tax burden?, AUDIT; 50. Measures up to, MEETS; 52. Like many a goody-goody, SMUG.


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