08.23.13 — The Friday Crossword


Friday, August 23, 2013

Puzzle by Ian Livengood / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Human-powered transport, PEDICAB; 8. Lingerie enhancements, BRA PADS; 15. Japanese “thanks”, ARIGATO; 15. Consumed, EATEN UP; 17. Like some Mideast ideology, PAN-ARAB; 18. Grammy-winning singer from Barbados, RIHANNA; 19. “ASK me later”; 20. Barrister’s deg., LLB; 21. Belief opposed by Communists, TSARISM; 22. Hammer and sickle, TOOLS; 24. Small arms, INLETS; 25. “Be right there”, JUST A SECOND; 29. Labor outfits, UNION SHOPS; 30. Bubbly brand, for short, MOET; 34. Oral reports?, BURPS; 35. Des Moines-to-Cedar Rapids dir., ENE; 36. It’s known to locals as Cymraeg, WELSH; 37. “Money” novelist, 1984, AMIS; 38. Orange entrée, informally, MAC N CHEESE; 40. Not take a back seat to anyone?, RIDE SHOTGUN;41. Diner freebies, STRAWS; 45. Fisherman’s Wharf attraction, SEALS; 46. Young colleen, across the North Channel, WEE LASS; 48. Browns’ home, for short, CLE; 49. Bring to a boil?, IRE; 52. By the boatload, APLENTY; 53. Wastes, RUBS OUT; 55. Cubs’ home, BEAR DEN; 56. Improbable victory, in slang, EPIC WIN; 57. Potentially embarrassing video, SEX TAPE; 58. Mezzo-soprano TATIANA Troyanos.

Down — 1. Quebec preceder, to pilots, PAPA; 2. Meaningful stretches, ERAS; 3. Soft touch?, DINK; 4. Supermarket inits., IGA; 5. Some bank offerings, CAR LOANS; 6. Totally flummoxed, AT A LOSS; 7. Spring figure, BOBBLEHEAD; 8. Pitcher BERT Blyleven with 3,701 strikeouts; 9. Oatmeal topping, RAISINS; 10. Close, AT HAND; 11. Unit of wisdom?, PEARL; 12. “Little Girls” musical, ANNIE; 123. Actress Kirsten DUNST; 14. Hits with some trash, SPAMS; 22. Sporty auto options, T-TOPS; 23. Torch carriers, SCONCES; 25. Capital of South Sudan, JUBA; 26. Old one, UNUM; 27. Her voice was first heard in 2011, SIRI; 28. It’s already out of the bag, OPEN SECRET; 30. Parts of a school athletic calendar, MEETS; 31. Designer, OLEG Cassini; 32. “Mi casa ES SU casa”; 33. Segue starter, THEN; 36. Everything, with “the”, WHOLE BIT; 38. Trip, MISSTEP; 39. Fried tortilla dish, CHALUPA; 40. Landlocked African land, RWANDA; 41. Collectors of DNA samples, SWABS; 42. Hides from Indians, maybe?, TEPEE; 43. Chill, RELAX; 44. All-points bulletin, e.g., ALERT; 47. Final word in a holiday tune, SYNE; 49. Locale for many political debates, IOWA; 50. Perdition, RUIN; 51. Site of the Bocca Nuova crater, ETNA; 54. Poli SCI.


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