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Antique Japanese (samurai) katana, Metropolitan Museum of Art


Friday, August 2, 2013

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Food item resembling an organ, KIDNEY BEAN; 11. Not long-departed, LATE; 15. Question after a public shellacking, ANYONE ELSE; 16. Plutoid just beyond the Kuiper Belt, ERIS; 17. Many a detective film cover-up, TRENCH COAT; 18. Squire, GENT; 19. Lack of authorisation?, ZED; 20. “Casablanca” carrier, AIR FRANCE; 22. It really stands out, LULU; 25. Be loud at a funeral, say, ULULATE; 26. Many 56-Across users, SHIITES; 29. It may have check marks, LIST; 30. General exercise?, WAR GAME; 31. Stretches out, EXTENDS; 35. “We’re in trouble now!”, UH OH; 36. Abbr. on a sports ticker, NCAA; 37. Topics at some religious retreats, MANTRAS; 41. Cousin of a screwdriver, BRADAWL; 44. Largest city in the South Pacific, SUVA; 45. Go back on, REVERSE; 46. Six bells in the morning watch, SEVEN AM; 49. Prefix with geek, UBER; 50. Hand picks?, PLECTRUMS; 52. Monogram of the author of “A Charge to Keep: My Journey to the White House”, GWB; 55. Kind of block, LEGO; 56. It replaced the Indian rupee in 1932, IRAQI DINAR; 60. Winnipeg’s IVAN Franko Museum; 61. Ithaca is at its southern end, CAYUGA LAKE; 62. Be inclined, TEND; 63. His Secret Service code name was Providence, EISENHOWER.

Down — 1. Classic name in New York delis, KATZ; 2. Subject precursor, IN RE; 3. Like some eggs, DYED; 4. Intro to Euclidean geometry?, NON; 5. Letter abr., ENC; 6. Casual assent, YEH; 7. As, BECAUSE; 8. Weena’s race, in fiction, ELOI; 9. Generally speaking, AS A RULE; 10. Big name in video streaming, NETFLIX; 11. Five and ten, e.g., LEGAL TENDER; 12. Ticketmaster info, maybe, ARENA; 13. Coloring, TINCT; 14. Compact first name?, ESTEE; 21. Formation on 28-Down, RUST; 22. About 186,282 miles, LIGHT SECOND; 23. Marathoner Pippig, UTA; 24. NASA’s Aquarius, e.g., LEM; 26. Done some strokes, SWUM; 27. Routine reaction?, HA HA; 28. See 21-Down, IRON; 32. Home of the Black Mts., N CAR; 33. Crow relatives, DAWS; 34. Stock mover, SALE; 38. Shrimp, RUNT; 39. Midas’s undoing, AVARICE; 40. Katana wielder, SAMUAI; 41. Curt, BRUSQUE; 42. Beauregard follower, REB; 43. GPS abbr., AVE; 46. Cheerleader’s move, SPLIT; 47. Relative d’un étudiant, ÉLÈVE; 48. Many an animal rights activist, VEGAN; 51. Baseball Hall-of-Famer who played for the Giants, MAYS; 52. Bother, with “at”, GNAW; 53. After-life gathering?, WAKE; 54. Backwoods relative, BR’ER; 57. Starting device: Abbr., IGN; 58. Code word, DAH; 59. Publisher of World of Work mag., ILO.


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