08.09.13 — The Friday Crossword

Friday, August 9, 2013

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — Where Union Pacific is headquartered, OMAHA; 6. Chinese ELMS (popular bonsai trees); 10. Medieval drudge, SERF; 14. Sister of Castor and Pollux, HELEN; 15. Fighter getting a leg up?, KICKBOXER; 17. Site of Tiberius’ Villa Jovis, CAPRI; 18. GERALDINE Page on the stage; 19. Comfortable, AT HOME; 21. Taking place (in), SITUATED; 22. One-point throws, LEANERS; 24. Appliance sound, BEEP; 25. Checkers, for instance, CABS; 26. Play critic?, REF; 28. Hype, BOOST; 32. Onetime Arapaho foe, UTE; 33. Grooming tool, NAIL CLIPPER; 36. Vietnamese holiday, TET; 37. O-shaped, ANNULAR; 38. Priest in I Samuel, ELI; 39. Dread Zeppelin or the Fab Faux, TRIBUTE BAND; 41. Sports div. that awards the George Halas Trophy, NFC; 42. Gold Cup venue, ASCOT; 43. Quote qualification, SIC; 44. Coin of many countries, PESO; 45. Pretension, AIRS; 48. Get more inventory, REODER; 50. Country whose flag is known as the Saltire, SCOTLAND; 54. Bubble handler?, THE FED; 55. Foundation devoted to good works?, ART MUSEUM; 57. Uniform, ALIKE; 58. Bag lady?, KATE SPADE; 59. Less often seen, RARER; 60. Deep black, EBON; 61. Twist, SKEW; 62. America’s Cup trophies, e.g., EWERS.

Down — 1. Broadway musical with two exclamation points, OH! CALCUTTA!; 2. They might have bones to pick, MEAT EATERS; 3. Like characters in a script, ALPHABETIC; 4. Some wetlands wildlife, HERONS; 5. Miyazaki film genre, ANIME; 6. Hosp. record, EKG; 7. Creates an account?, LIES; 8. Fast-food debut of 1981, MCRIB; 9. Go along effortlessly, SKATE; 10. Vending machine drink, SODA POP; 11. What to do when you have nothing left to say?, EXIT; 12. Peace Nobelist RENE Cassin; 13. Dance-pop trio Right Said FRED; 16. Symbol of happiness, BLUEBIRD; 20. Off the mark; ERRANT; 23. English Channel feeder, SEINE; 27. Bad line readings, FLUBS; 29. Launched the first round, OPENED FIRE; 30. Narcissistic one, SELF-SEEKER; 31. Hand-held “Star Trek“ devices, TRICORDERS; 33. Sea creature whose name means “sailor“, NAUTILUS; 34. Huxtable family mom, CLAIR; 35. Surgical cutter, LANCET; 40. Goldoliers, e.g., BOATMEN; 44. Like a poi sci major, maybe, PRE-LAW; 46. Woodworking tools, RASPS; 47. Underhanded schemer, SNEAK; 48. American Airlines hub, OHARE; 50. Drink served in a masu, SAKE; 51. Zodiac symbol, CRAB; 52. Palindromic man, OTTO; 53. “My man!”, DUDE; 56. Plaintive pet sound, MEW.


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