08.17.13 — Out for a Walk

Pavement artist: Thames Embankment 1930


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Puzzle by Ed Sessa / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Baker’s predecessor, ABLE; 5. “The Daily Rundown” carrier, MSNBC; 16. Steinbeck siren, ABRA; 14. Vindaloo accompaniment, NAAN; 15. Admission about a story, I LIED; 16. Skillful, slangily, MEAN; 17. Brother’s keeper?, TYPEWRITER STAND; 20. In thing, FAD; 21. In place, hot spot; 22. What one should take in: Abbr., RDA; 23. Engagement rings?, ARENAS; 25. Muhammad e.g., MECCAN; 27. Ready for another round, RESET; 28. Ann Packer in a bookstore; 31. Young turkey, POULT; 32. Strong order?, MAKE MINE A DOUBLE; 35. Compliment to the chief, DELICIOUS; 36. Drawers hitting the pavement?, SIDEWALK ARTISTS; 42. County whose seat is La Junta, OTERO; 43. Means of changing one’s mind, LSD; 44. One way to catch the game, SNARE; 45. Quaint letter-opening abbr., MESSRS; 47. Took the wrong way, MISLED; 48. 13th Spanish letter, EME; 49. Ear plug?, RADIO AD; 53. Big inits. In power, TVA; 54. Remark after holding someone up, SORRY FOR THE WAIT; 57. War head, ANTI; 58. Thrill, ELATE; 59. Strauss’s “Tausend und EINE Nacht”; 50. Backwoods agreement, YES’M; 61. Many a Madrileño, SEÑOR; 62. Walked all over, TROD.

Down — 1. Where to observe some workers, ANT FARM; 2. Napa Valley setting, BAY AREA; 3. Clipboard’s relative, LAP DESK; 4. One way to fly: Abbr., ENE; 5. “Carota” and “Blue II,” for two, MIROS; 6. Start of many an operation, SLIT; 7. Trivial objections, NITS; 8. Blast from the passed?, BEEP; 9. Software box item, CD ROM; 10. Peck, e.g., AMT; 11. Den mother’s charge, BEAR CUB; 12. Tony RANDALL with an Emmy; 13. Like many sonatas’ second movements, ANDANTE; 18. Mad person’s question, WHAT ME WORRY?; 19. Leave to scrap, maybe, STEP OUTSIDE; 24. Indigent individuals, NEEDERS; 26. Numbered relations, COUSINS; 28. “AN ILL wind that bloweth …”; 29. Bass parts, NECKS; 30. Legendary spring figure, NAIAD; 33. Pier grp., ILA; 34. Bras D’OR Lake (Canadian inland sea); 36. Rumor opening, SOME SAY; 37. Agenda opener, ITEM ONE; 38. They’re thirsty much of the time, DESERTS; 39. What gobs take in, SALT AIR; 40. The Merry Mex of golf, TREVINO; 41. Feeling no pain, SEDATED; 46. Jewel cases?, SAFES; 47. Bill MAHER with barbs; 5. Fruit giant, DOLE; 51. Home of the daily Hamshabri, IRAN; 52. Raiders Hall-of-Famer Jim OTTO; 55. Coin feature, RIM; 56. Unlike 38-Down, WET.


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