08.14.13 — HOLES

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Puzzle by Sarah Keller / Edited by Will Shortz

THINGS WITH HOLES (56A. What 20-, 28-, 36- and 45-Across are), JARLSBERG CHEESE (20A. Norwegian import in the dairy case), GOLF COURSE (28A. Links), FLIMSY ALIBI (36A. You can hardly believe it), WIFFLE BALL (45A. Bit of equipment for an outdoor kids’ game) constitute the interrelated group of this friendly Wednesday crossword.

Other — ALIAS (63A. Carlos Danger, e.g.), AMICI curiae (friends of the court), CON JOBS and SHILLS (1D. Scams; 54D. Participant in 1-Down), COSTA Mesa, HEXAD (6A. Legs on an insect or strings on a guitar), IN A SLUMP (40D. Struggling at the plate say), LAYLA (29D. Grammy-winning Eric Clapton tune), OCEANIA (2D. Where Polynesia is), SEISMS (12D. Earth movers?).


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