08.18.13 — LINE

A line in the sand…


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski / Edited by Will Shortz

BORDERLINES (69. Gray areas, maybe … or a hint to 12 incomplete answers in this puzzle) and AROUND THE / PERIMETER (38D. With 56-Down, where to find this puzzle’s 12 theme answers) and the twelve incomplete answers constitutes the interrelated group of this fine Sunday crossword:

Clockwise around the perimeter of the puzzle:

TELEPHONE LINE (1A. It may come down in a storm)
BAR LINE (10A. Divider in a musical score)
CLOTHES LINE (13A. Hang-out locale?)
SIDE LINE (19D. Hobby activity)
FREE-THROW LINE (42D. Court stripe)
DOTTED LINE (100D Bottom of a contract)
DEDICATED LINE (125A. Means of one-to-one communication)
RED LINE (124A. Draw a mark through for cancellation)
EXPRESS LINE (123A. Supermarket time-saver)
PIPELINE (107D. Locale for finished works that haven’t yet appeared)
OFFENSIVE LINE (50D. Quarterback protectors)
TICKET LINE (1D. Movie theater sight)

Other — ALOUETTE (59A French children’s song), ARGENTINA (41D. Pope Francis’ birthplace), AUTOPILOT (11D. Just going through the motions, after “on”), CARRIES ON (40D. Rants and raves), CHASTISED (23A. Called on the carpet), FINAL EDIT (117A. Last chance to strike out?), four color (51D. Like some printing), HORSE CAR (78A. Old-fashioned street conveyance), INTERBRED (47D. Hybridized), MENNONITE (52D. Amish relative), ONION DOME (79D. Feature of St. Basil’s Cathedral), OVERDRIVE (15D. Certain car gears), PRECIPICE (122A. Jumping-off point), SADDLE SORE (73D. Real pain in the butt?).


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