08.05.13 — Space

Monday, August 5, 2013

Puzzle by Alan Arbesfeld / Edited by Will Shortz

Space takes up space in this Monday crossword:

COUNTRY STAR (17A. Randy Travis or Travis Tritt)
FORD GALAXY (24A. Minivan since the mid-’90s)
KEITH MOON (34A. Drummer for the Who)
PHOENIX SUN (49A. Arizona N.B.A.’er)
DAILY PLANET (57A. Clark Kent and Lois lane’s paper)

Other — AGITA and ANGST (1A and 61A. Uneasy feeling), Actress ANNETTE Bening of “American Beauty, ASCRIBE (44A. Attribute to), ASHTRAY (38D. Apt pig Latin for “trash”), CAPSIZE (37D. Flip over, as a boat), ELASTIC (27A. Material in an underwear waistband), GOGOLS (2D. Humongous numbers), NET GAIN (47A. Overall profit), RIFIFI (18D. Classic 1955 Jules Dassin heist film), SCOURGE of God (epithet for Attila the Hun), SETTLES (29A. Sinks to the bottom, as silt).


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