04.01.14 — Heads or Tails

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 April Fools' Day

Puzzle by Andrew Reynolds / Edited by Will Shortz

[H/T][E/A][A/I][D/L]S, e.g., HEADS or TAILS (37A. Winner of the wager in 17-/56-Across, depending on how you fill the circled squares in the puzzle) along with the five circled squares containing both H and T constitutes the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword:

GUS[H/T] (3D. Sudden outburst) and IS[H/T] (19A. Suffix with cartoon)
FIS[H/T] (11D. It might be landed with a hook) and BAS[H/T]ES (21A. Clobbers)
[H/T]INT (24D. Bit of color) and [H/T]UMBLE (24A. Bring down)
[H/T][E/A][A/I][D/L]S and RI[D/L]E (28D. Antagonize), M[E/A]LT (32D. Diner menu item), T[A/I]T (33D. Part of retribution, in a phrase) and [H/T]ONES (37D. Improves, in a way)
[H/T]AUNT (46D. Plague) and [H/T]OOT (46A. Blast)

Other — BEST THREE / OUT OF FIVE (17A. With 56-Across, common format for a wager), CODONS (44D. Genetic sequence groups), ETHELS (15D. Roosevelt and Kennedy), MOUSE PADS (14A. Desktops’ desktop), Penn State’s NITTANY Lions, RANCID (43D. Nasty-smelling), ROMANIA (9D. Bucharest’s land), UNINSURED (59A. Not using Obamacare, say).


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