05.02.14 — 538, Etc.


Friday, May 2, 2014

Puzzle by Brendan Emmett Quigley
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Modern traffic director?, CLICKBAIT; 10. Punk theme, ANGST; 15. London’s HENRIETTA  Barnett School; 16. News anchor NORAH O’Donnell; 17. One who’s not out all night?, INSOMNIAC; 18. Steer, DRIVE; 19. T-Pain and Ice-T output, RAPS; 20. Time’s 1963 Man of the Year, informally, MLK JR; 22. Pick up, NAB; 23. John or James, APOSTLE; 26. Fashion designer LEANNE Marshall; 28. Et CETERA; 29. Back, AGO; 31. Ship captained by Vincente Yanez Pinzon, NINA; 32. DOTTIE West of Nashville; 34. “Martin Chuzlewit” villain, JONAS; 35. Silver screen name?, FIVETHIRTYEIGHT; 39. “A DAY’S Pleasure” (Charlie Chaplin movie); 40. Fixed, as lining, RESEWN; 41. Abdominal and lower-back muscles, CORE; 42. Embarrassed, RED; 43. Unleashes on, LETS AT; 47. Writes a Dear John letter, say, ENDS IT; 49. Novelist Isabel ALLENDE; 50. Where on might take a bullet: Abbr., STA; 51. Some seaweeds, KELPS; 54. Actor DAVE Franco of “Now You See Me”; 55. Skateboard trick named after its originator, OLLIE; 57. Not reserved, OUTSPOKEN; 60. Female lead in “Brigadoon”, FIONA; 61. They’ll never hold water, STRAINERS; 62. Big celebrations, FESTS; 63. Paid a visit, STOPPED BY.

Down — President beginning n 1995, CHIRAC; 2. Delaware Valley Indians, LENAPE; 3. Hip place, IN SPOT; 4. Strabismus, CROSSED EYES; 5. 1901 Kipling book, KIM; 6. Big BEN; 7. Words before “to be born” and “to die” in Ecclesiastes, A TIME; 8. Not this type?: Abbr., ITAL; 9. Change course at sea, TACK; 10. Physicist ANDRE-Marie Ampere; 11. Common conjunction, NOR; 12. Looking sheepish, say, GRINNING; 13. Southern cty that’s the setting for “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, SAVANNAH; 14. Beauty’s partner, THE BEAST; 21. Celeb who got the 2,500th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013, J LO; 24. Easy runs, TROTS; 25. Trellis strip, LATH; 27. Messiah, ANOINTED ONE; 29. Hung out to dry, AIRED; 30. Groks, GETS; 33. Kind of pump, TIRE; 34. Beauty, JEWEL; 35. Goes head to head, FACES OFF; 36. “Trust me”, I DON’T LIE; 37. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” writer/star, VARDALOS; 38. “Go, team, go!,” e.g., YELL; 42. GPS line: Abbr., RTE; 44. Wove (through), SNAKED; 45. Sooner or later, ADVERB; 46. Wee, TEENSY; 48. U.S. chain stores since 1985, IKEAS; 49. Cartoon dog, ASTRO; 52. Setback, LOSS; 53. It’s by no means a long shot, PUTT; 56. Football stat: Abbr., INT; 58. Scammer’s target, SAP; 59. Mark on a card, PIP.


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