05.24.14 — The Saturday Crossword

A Banyan is a fig that starts its life as an epiphyte (a plant growing on another plant) … view upwards from inside the hollow of a strangler fig near the Ayerpadi estate near Valpari.  The original tree around which this fig grew is dead leaving a hollow behind. ~  Wikipedia 


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Puzzle by Peter Wentz / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Talk, talk, talk, RAMBLE ON; 9. Give stories, LIE TO; 14. Basis of comparison, ANALOGUE; 15. National tree of India, BANYAN; 16. “Good going!”, NICE WORK; 17. Words before many a commercial, UP NEXT; 14. Singer who wrote, ISAAC; 19. Battle of Albert setting, 1914, SOMME; 21. United hub, briefly, SFO; 22. Traditional Christmas gift for a child, NEW TOY; 24. Accent reduction may be a subj. in it, ESL; 25. Italian title, FRA; 28. Unwelcome closet discovery, MOTHS; 29. Their sizes are measured in cups, BRAS; 30. 1967 album that included “I Can See for Miles”, THE WHO SELL OUT; 34. Fiddled, NOODLED AROUND; 35. “A Study in the Word” host, JIMMY SWAGGART; 36. Make a comeback?, ECHO; 37. Old cinema, ODEON; 38. Round stopper, for short, TKO; 39. Merrie Melodies sheepdog, SAM; 41. Schoolmarmish sound, TSK TSK; 46. SNO Brum (car accessory); 47. Having depth, CUBIC; 50. Recipient of much 2010s humanitarian aid, HAITI; 51. Giant in test prep, KAPLAN; 53. Succeeded, GOT AHEAD; 55. “Er … uh …”, I MEANT; 56. Boss, OVERLORD; 57. Largest minority in Croatia, SERBS; 58. “Sounds about right”, RECKON SO.

Frida Kahlo, Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird

Down — 1. Took downtown, RAN IN; 2. Jagermeister ingredient, ANISE; 3. Talking pet, MACAW; 4. Complain, BLEAT; 5. Pie-in-the-face scenes, say, LOW COMEDY; 6. Sacred thing, to Ayn Rand, EGO; 7. Sharing word, OURS; 8. Indie rocker NEKO Case; 9. Flap of fashion, LAPEL; 10. Pub, INN; 11. Command to pay attention, EYES FRONT; 12. It may include laundering, TAX FRAUD; 13. Down, in a diner, ON TOAST; 15. They’re often seeking change, BUMS; 20. Text, e.g., MESSAGE; 23. Loud complaints, YOWLS; 27. Life starts in it, THE WOMB; 28. Certain beach phony, HODAD; 29. Obscure, BLUR; 30. “The King’s Speech” director, TOM HOOPER; 31. Horace man?, HOMO; 32. Field fungus, ERGOT; 33. Subprime mortgagee, to detractors, LOAN SHARK; 34. Handle, NICKNAME; 35. Kawasaki products, JET SKIS; 39. Doctor’s orders, SCANS; 40. Dahlia in Wodehouse novels, e.g., AUNT; 42. Surrealist known for self-portraits, KAHLO; 43. Like many ribbons, TIE-ON; 44. All-STAR; 45. Bud, KIDDO; 48. One who has a hunch, IGOR; 49. Mooring spot, COVE; 52. Media LAB; 54. Classic Boart role, in slang, TEC.


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