05.25.14 — Change of Program


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Change of Program, Puzzle by Dan Schoenholz
Edited by Will Shortz

Nine television program sound-alike title/phrases constitute the main feature of this entertaining Sunday crossword:

DAZE OF OUR LIVES (23A. Stoners’ memoirs?)
THE EX FILES (28A. Leverage in divorce negotiations?)
THE AWED COUPLE (46A. Dumbstruck duo?)
SECTS AND THE CITY (62A. Tale of metropolitan religious diversity?)
AMERICAN IDYLL (85A. Grant Wood portrayal?)
BRAKING BAD (99A. Having trouble slowing down?)
AWL IN THE FAMILY (110A. Cobbler’s heirloom?)
TWIN PEEKS (15D. Double takes?)
MIAMI VISE (76D. Tight spot in South Florida?)

Other — AROMA (92A. Kitchen drawer?), AUSTERE (89D. Spare), AWAY WE GO (20A. Comment upon heading off), BARKEEP (30A. Mixologist), COP and COPED, EGO TRIP (12D. Immodest display), ERIC IDLE (115A. “Spamalot” writer and lyricist), HEAVIEST (105A. Like radon among all gaseous elements), INDIGO (1A. Part of a rainbow), PRALINES (84D. Relatives of turtles), SALIENCE (14D. Highlight), SMOTHER (7A. Blanket), TABARD (88A. “The Canterbury Tales“ inn).


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