05.09.14 — Friday Lunch

Luncheon of the Boating Party, 1880-1, Renoir


Friday, May 9, 2014

Puzzle by James Mulhern / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Toast often given with Manischewitz, L’CHAIM; 7. Nobel-winning economist who wrote “Fuzzy Math”, KRUGMAN; 14. Precipitate, LEAD TO; 15. Longtime Tab competitor, DIET RITE; 16. In the best- or worst-case, AT MOST; 17. Like things in “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!”, ABNORMAL; 18. Psychobabble, say, MUMBO JUMBO; 20. In the 2-Down, e.g.: Abbr., ENL; 21. “AS YE do, so he shall do”: Numbers 15:14; 22. Put to work, UTILIZE;25. Hell, SHEER AGONY; 29. Like players who sweep things, UNBEATEN; 34. Digs in the snow, IGLOO; 35. Olympian in a shell, SCULLER; 36. Pitches, CAREENS; 38. “Luncheon on the Grass” painter, MANET; 39. Like much unheeded advice, TUNED OUT; 40. Pick up something common?, CATCH A COLD; 43. Line of tugboats?, TOW ROPE; 44. Dye containing indigotin, ANIL; 48. Jackasses, e.g., HES; 51. “It’s all good”, NO HARM DONE; 53. Actor with the line “Say hello to my little friend!”, AL PACINO; 56A. Take stock of, SIZE UP; 57. Feature of a Shaw show, CLARINET; 58. Ominous final words, OR ELSE; 59. Accessories purchased just for openers?, KEY TAGS; 60. Big player in the Suez Crisis, NASSER.

Luncheon on the Grass, 1863, Manet

Down  — 1. Source of very soft wool, LLAMA; 2. Whale constellation, CETUS; 3. Oh-so-dramatic, HAMMY; 4. Acrobat producer, ADOBE; 5. “IT SO happens …”; 6. Perfect expression, MOT JUSTE; 7. Pet food in the form of pellets, KIBBLE; 8. “Luncheon of the Boating Party” painter, RENOIR; 9. UTO-Aztecan; 10. [This is so frustrating!], GRR; 11. Storyteller who needs no words, MIME; 12. AT AN impasse; 13. Dickens protagonist surnamed Trent, NELL; 15. Horror film antagonist surnamed Thorn, DAMIEN; 19. King Arthur’s father, UTHER; 23. 1971-97 nation name, ZAIRE; 24. Drove (on), EGGED; 26. Pat material, maybe, OLEO; 27. Low-class, in Leeds, NONU; 28. Royals manager Ned YOST; 29. Devil dog’s outfit: Abbr., USMC; 20. Org. affected by Title IX, NCAA; 31. It may be a sacrifice, BUNT; 32. Approve for office installation, ELECT; 33. E’en if, ALTHO; 36. Fault, in law, CULPA; 37. “Father Knows Best” family name, ANDERSON; 39. Like some things you can’t handle, TOO HOT; 41. Shop shelter, AWNING; 42. The Furies, e.g., CRONES; 44. Timber dressers, ADZES; 45. Nativity numbers, NOELS; 46. Not free, IN USE; 47. Shunned one, LEPER; 48. Be a high-tech criminal, HACK; 49. Allure or Essence alternative, ELLE; 50. Fix, as a pointer, SPAY; 52. Major star of 2-Down, MIRA; 54. Domain of 38-Across and 8-Down, ART; 55. Grp. With many operations, CIA.


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